My musings on the Exo-L fandom

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    I have always known in the past year that the ExoL fandom frankly, has been a wreck. Solo stans going against group fans, and so many other stuff. I feel like there has been a change in dynamics of the fandom since enlistment.

    But one thing I never predicted, that K-ExoL would decrease this much so that.....Intl L's would be the ones carrying the comeback.

    It's a bit dissapointing that happened this way. Imagine if we had the original K-ExoL fanpower, and include it with the intl Fans fan power this time, Exo would be doing ten times better honestly, in all metrics.

    I dont care about achievements too much, but I care enough that I feel atleast a bit dissapointed(Korean digitals)

    This comeback was the defenition of Divided, but United.

  • Well seing how Koreans fans always behave, it wasn’t a surprise for me that K-Exols would left after Chen « scandal ». It’s sad for Exo, Chanyeol rumors really didn’t help either.

    But it’s great that they are able to work for their solo. All the members who aren’t in army are busy with works. Unlike others bg, they will be fine, bc they are still the popular.

    Also about Koreans digitals: Without promotions they’re nothing they can do. Not even a tik tok challenge! SM clearly don’t care.

  • I wish they actually leave Exo alone but they're still there to complain about positions of members and make petitions to kick x member out as if they have any right all while just being useless. I am glad SM is ignoring their requests and isn't even "apologizing" to them. It's just sad that the reactions of K-fans to CBs are what the members and the company see the most so it reflects on their content and promotions. If I were in their shoe and my fans were these entitled little shits, I wouldn't have the desire to go into shows or anything other than release music.



  • On the bright side, seeing that International L's stepped up their game and proved to EXO that we still love and support them, just brought a smile on my face ;-)

    Of course! There have been more pros this comebacks then con's. Frankly im mindblown at how well ExoL have been doing this time international. Its amazing. But this particular aspect was bothering me slightly so I thought about sharing it.

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