What do you think about the SM Resurgence?

  • Resurgence? SM produces a bunch of puppets. They have been groomed to do whatever the fvck LSM tells them to. When they ran out of ideas, they would release repackages. Those who were unfortunate would be sent back to the dungeon. This is the same LSM.

  • Why are kpoppies so incessant in comparing SM to HYBE when they don’t even belong on the same league? Also, not at kpoppies still tying HYBE’s future to whatever happens to BTS this coming years. BTS is not the only big artist they’re housing now, reminder that HYBE acquired Ithaca Holdings including Braun’s management that represents several artists like Ariana and JB. Y’all clowns keep deluding yourselves.

    As you might know, if BTS begins to decline HYBE's empire will begin to shake.

    It has to find and replace the stars with newer crops, and when BTS begins to slow down, newer talents will be harder to ind.

    SM has been doing this since around 1995. And although it has had its bad years, its reputation as the #1 company of Kpop, despite of HYBE's big success, is still unshaken which is why it can still get choice trainees

  • I wo t forgive you for leaving out shinee. Where is the ultimate amsterpiece 'Dont call me'?

  • As you might know, if BTS begins to decline HYBE's empire will begin to shake

    Who decided this? You’re stating your theory like it’s a fact when it’s not. Whether it’ll shake or not is of uncertainty. And like I said, in case you didn’t read, BTS is not the only BIG artist they have now. They acquired Ithaca Holdings already which manages some of the biggest western artists. They’ll be fine. And one more thing, HYBE is under KOSPI while most korean entertainment companies, including all Big3, are under KOSDAQ. Like I’ve been saying, they’re on totally different leagues.

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