Top 4 countries on AKP

  • how do you judge this? I didn't know how to differentiate them. :pepe-hehe:

  • That’s be right, I think there’s only a couple of us Aussies. We never were real big on here.

  • I know A LOT of Americans...

    I think I only know one person from the UK

    I know only one person from Germany here

    And Idk about Spain...

    I think Brazil should be included

    Sunrise, but the night still words but we speak in tongue
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  • how do you judge this? I didn't know how to differentiate them. :pepe-hehe:

    Americans allways say stuff based on the USA like if the world only contains out of Korea, Japan and the USA. Too many people also use it as like just cause they are from the USA it would mean more as the rest of the world. You see it in coments when people say stuff like "I heard BTS on my Chicago-radio station", "I saw EXO on Ellen's TV-Show", "How famous is MAMAMOO actually in the US?" etc. Some of these people even talk like "I give a damn about places who are not in the US". Many don't even ask "whats with Europe? What's with Africa? What's with another American country?" most just be like "fuck it, just tell me about the US-stats!"

    German on AKP are the type: You ask about a funny song-lyric no mather the genre, a German will imediatly send you a German-cringe song. As soon a German spots another German they most lickly begin to post in German. Man Germans will also tell you how awfull German music is in case you ask for "western music" no mather the country. A few even give a fuck and when making news article only make the thread-title in English but the entire news-article will contain out of a link to a German website only leaving everyone in the dark since the title of the thread doesn't really tells you what the German article is about and not everyone on AKP speaks German. In some cases a German will also say "what the heck is this?" when you for example ask "When did you ate (American food-item) the last time?" when you can't buy it outside of the US.

    Brits on AKP are those that if you asume they were American they tell you "Nah, I live in England". They also tend to be the one who says "Why do my faves not come to England or only visit London?" and if they live in Wales they cry a lot about their faves not comming. These people also tend to be those who mention first before anyone else when a KPop-idol was shown on a British TV-show. It's not too obvisious but a few of them also have a kind of how they write their texts that makes it obvisiously that they are British.

    Spanish people on AKP are often those who come to help you at your Spanish-homeworks, tell you stuff about Barcelona and if you have sport-questions they mostly will be one of the first who talk to you about soccer. These people also might tend to say stuff like "I saw BTS in Madrid" or "I wish I would live in Barcelona cause than the chance is higher to maybe see a KPop-act someday" and they might tend tend to say that for a European country they most of the time have pretty warm weather

    Other countries are eather more quiet and reserved on AKP or just too little people because last time I heard someone say something about their country I might encountered the first and only Japanese person from Japan on AKP and that person just quietly said "I actually don't need to be here. I'm from Tokyo and my English is bad"

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