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  • OMG YES! :D

    im happy ViVi got More Lines
    but im real Mad at BBC for how they Robbed GoWon of her lines >:(

    all you gotta due it fill out the form and your in!! Haseul in your sig :pepelove1:

  • Yay!
    and Yes! :lover3:
    HaSeul my Bias(well one of them XD) #WelcomeBackHaSeul
    plus i heard that there are some "Orbits" out there that dont want HaSeul to came back...If i ever come acreoss an Orbit that hates on HaSeul or ViVi ill take care of it :pepe-cut:
    and where can i find the form/ wat are the questions :froghype::whatb::omgr:

    Member applications:

    Your name:

    Your preferred pronouns:

    Your LOONA bias (if any):

    Your favorite LOONA MV:

    Your favorite LOONA song (can be title track or b-side):

    First LOONA song (solo or group track doesn't matter):

    Other groups you enjoy:

    Favorite viral LOONA moment:

    Favorite LOONA sub unit:

    Cope and paste it or Quote it, doesnt matter. Just answer the questions :pepemusic:

  • Name: Kasie
    Pronouns: She/ Her (but any is fine ^-^)
    My Loona Bias: its a Mix of HaSeul, Choerry, Yeojin, ViVi, Jinsoul and a little bit of Hyunjin but my ultimate Bias is HaSeul and Choerry (it took me a couple of years choosing a Bias!)
    My favOriTe Loona MV (sorry i had to do it XD): I can't choose there are so many i love! :cryingr: But if i had to choose it would be HaSeul's or Hyunjin's (i love the Scenery of Iceland and i have a personal attachment to Classical music, and for Hyunjin i love her voice, the streets of Tokyo, and CATS! <3)

    My favOriTe Loona song: Okay, choosing a MV was difficult enough, now my fav song, it depends on my mood but recently I've been leaning toward 1/3 songs the 1/3 members songs, the YYXY album and Why Not? (and seriously i cant stop dancing to Why Not? #StreamStar)
    Frist song: The first song i ever listened to was Jinsoul's Singing in the Rain (a bestie of mine got into Loona) and the first subunit i ever heard was OEC'S Girl Front and was obsesed with it for years before getting into the other members (it wasn't till 2019 i looked into the rest of the members)
    Other Groups I enjoy! I Enjoy many other groups songs but Treasure is my other Ult! <3 #MyTreasure
    My favOriTe Viral Loona moment: When the New Moon trailer came out to show our long lost leader at the end! #WelcomeBackHaSeul! :omgr::lover3::cryingr:
    My favOriTe Loona subunit: 1/3 (Okay this Unit is highly underrated! their music is so elegant and i have a huge attachment to classical music ! and i love all their Voices and Visuals! I think Hyunjin and ViVi deserved better in the songs cause their voices stick out from HaSeul and Hyunjin! please go Stream 1/3 not just for Views but for the love of HaSeul-Unnie! <3)

  • Here! haoluvr

    1.) Fulfill guild member application


    2.) How active are you normally?

    I'm on everyday!

    3.) Will you be able to take over when I'm busy or can't be online?


    4.) Do you know how to make a custom badge or emblem for the guild?


    5.) Can you come up with games and fun things for the guild to do?


    6.) Favorite LOONA sub unit?

    LOONΔ 1/3

    Your name: ghostings

    Your preferred pronouns: they/them

    Your LOONA bias (if any): Kim Lip

    Your favorite LOONA MV: Hi High

    Your favorite LOONA song (can be title track or b-side): So What

    First LOONA song (solo or group track doesn't matter): Butterfly :pepeflushed:

    Other groups you enjoy: TXT, ITZY, OH MY GIRL, SECRET, ETC.

    Favorite viral LOONA moment: e v e r y m o m e n t :pepemusic:

    Favorite LOONA sub unit: LOONΔ 1/3

  • yes! Thank you!! Welcome to Starlight Guild :lover3:

    love your enthusiasm :happyr:

  • YAYY finally :happyr: welcome to the dark side my friend :pepe-flirt:

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