Visualising the Decline in Melon's Market Share

  • I recently posted a thread where I examined the effect that Melon chart reform has had on the ability of songs to rise quickly to the top of Melon's weekly chart.

    In the process of gathering the required data from 가이섬.com for that thread, I also grabbed Melon's weekly unique listener counts for each song and inserted them into my Excel spreadsheet.

    From there, it was simple to calculate the average (both mean and median) number of weekly unique listeners for the top 10 songs in a given week, and then graph the results. Again, my numbers cover the period from 2018-11-26 to 2021-05-10, while the vertical red dashed line marks the date of Melon's chart reform (2020-07-06).


    As we can see, the number of unique listeners rises and falls quite a bit. However, the general trend is definitely a decrease in ULs, which is consistent with reports of Melon losing market share in recent years. In addition, it does not appear that chart reform has affected unique listener counts significantly.

  • That would be great maybe spotify will grow bigger in korea. ULs may be same for top songs but with 24 hits chart more songs will get more listeners compared to previous charts where top artists only charted well. After 2021 is over we will get to see effect of 24 hits reform on melon.

  • Flo being logical enough to make a chart based on ULs before anyone else is the reason why Melon lost the users. That change attracted alot of users to the chart. Also it attracted fandoms who wanted to make their faves chart higher since it was easier to do so on Flo than other charts in the beginning when it didn't have as many users as now.

    You can see this being reflected in the graph you created. Thank you for your efforts wsoet!

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