WayV deserved better in DreamPlan!

  • I rewatched WayV DreamPlan over the last two weeks and it breaks my heart. The missions are too harsh. I know a lot of you must have already know about Hendery and his ranidaphobia. But there's more for me.

    1. In ep 1, they make Lucas-Winwin harvest 100 haw tree, Xiaojun-YangYang-Hendery plant in a large large area, Ten-Kun fertilize plants in a really big greenhouse. I mean I don't know if they end up doing it partially or what. But aren't all that too much in the first place? To make it even worse, there's only very short amount of footage of them doing that. Making them do all that and not at least make a fun and effective editing is pretty outrageous. They make those missions to make content right? But the content is not really satisfactory.

    2. I don't need to explain Hendery's mission

    3. Making Winwin bungee jump by himself? I mean I know it's all in good fun, but making a mission out of someone's literal phobia is pretty messed up.

    4. The glass bridge seems like it's going to be pretty traumatizing for Winwin but he seems okay, it's pretty much normal fear, but still, cosidering he has acrophobia...they should think of another mission in the first place. And the lack of safety despite having to jump to take a microphone on a rubber thing?

    5. Hiking for almost 3 hours and pretty much get very little screentime, could've been better with scripted thing if they don't talk over the 3 hours course and editing.

    However, the boys are so professional and Kun even hike despite being injured to avoid being the part pooper.

    I really appreciate all the crews for this, they must be tired as much as our boys or even more tired. However to make it more efficient for all, they boys and the crews, they could design better overall concept or missions for them. Many of the missions seems extremely exhausting but pointless and contentless anyway.

    To me, Hendery and Winwin have mysterious character. I can never know what might be on their mind. Aside from being unpredictable crackhead, Hendery is pretty cryptic(?) I don't know if he feels uncomfortable or not. Same with Winwin and his mysterious awkward smile. So it's kinda uncomfortable for me to watch these two boys while doing hectic missions. They deserved better, they're really precious.

    And of course there's Ten with his blank face all the time from not understanding Mandarin fully LOL

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