Ex. KPop-idols and ex. Kpop-trainees in Japan

  • If you ever wondered what some ex. trainees or ex. KPop-idols do who are in Japan, here is a random list for you:

    • Apeace is a fully Korean JPop-group. They debuted in 2010 in Korea and are in Japan since 2011. Most member left the group allready and a few new member joined the group in 2014. In total with the ex. member Apeace has 31 member. At the moment Apeace has only 10 member
    • SIGMA is a 4 member JPop-group with 2 Japanese and 2 Korean member that debuted in 2021. Their member Z-UK used to be in a group KPop-group called BIGFLO before
    • Orbit is a 7 member group who debuted in 2020 after all member apeard on Produce 101 Japan in 2019. The 3 Korean member Younghoon Yondoong and Heecheon used to be in a KPop-group called HALO before. Their member Jun who is half Korean used to be a KPop-trainee before and apeard besides Produce 101 Japan also on Produce 101 X
    • BUGVEL is a pre-debut boygroup that will most likly debut somewhat in 2021. 4 of the member aparard on Produce 101 Japan in 2019 before. The other 2 member called Mahiro and Guno are ex. YG Entertainment trainees and apeared on Produce 101 X aswell as on TREASURE BOX before
    • Taru debuted with MAGICOUR in 2020. Before debuting in Japan she was trainee under SM Entertainment for 2 years under the stagename "Ravi" and even tried to audition for JYP Entertainment. Besides being member of MAGICOUR Taru is also signed with the Korean company Mystic Entertainment and is curently since December 2020 back in Korea.
    • NIK is a 11 member group with 6 Korean member found trought the survival show G-EGG in 2020. They didn't debuted yet. Some of the member were in JPop and KPop-groups before as for example Gunmin who was in B.I.G before. They lickly debut in 2021 someday
    • Before apearing on Produce 101 Japan Shion from JO1 was trainee under FNC Entertainment for about a year. Trought bring an ex. FNC trainee Shion became friends with Soul from P1HARMONY
    • On Produce 101 Japan season 2 Ryosuke Kodama and Wataru Takahashi are ex. Big Hit trainees. Both got allready eliminated. Renta Nishijima was an ex. trainee of A Team (the same company VAV is signed with) and Shogo Tajima used to be an ex. CUBE Trainee. Renta and Shogo seem to have good chances to win on PDJ, especially Shogo since he is curently allways either on rank 1 or 2

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