Please help me remember the title of this anime.

  • A friend and I got to a discussion about the most depressing anime we ever watch.

    There was this anime I watched in the early 2000s. I forgot the title of this anime and struggling to remember the title. I think it's only 1 season. I watched it in AXN Asia. The plot I remembered was the following (not 100% accurate):

    • A modern highschool boy (Protagonist) somehow went to another dimension. a post-apocalyptic world (like MadMax)
    • The protagonist met a pale girl (Girl A). founds out she has the power to generate water.
    • They got captured by this militaristic group w/ an army of children.
    • The leader of this group wants the power of the pale girl (generate water).
    • There is another girl (Girl B) who was also captured who mistakenly identified as the one who has the power.
    • Girl B got repeatedly raped by soldiers and got pregnant. Girl B killed the last rapist in self-defense. (Girl B has the most tragic story)
    • Girl B hurts herself because of her series of unfortunate events. I remember a scene where she tries to hit her own tummy with a rock. The Protagonist stopped her from doing that. He promised to protect her.
    • Girl B resents Girl A because of what happened to her.
    • The protagonist made friends with other kid soldiers.
    • Somehow they defeated the group and then the Protagonist returned to his world. I forgot what happened to Girl A and B.

    Big thanks to someone who could help me recall the title.

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