Review: BTS - Butter

  • Hello Everyone!

    Here is my review of BTS's Butter. Please check it out!

    It is at my blog, and I am also posting it here. As the subject is clear here, the song link, intro and closing paragraphs have been removed for ease-of-reading.


    Butter is a direct successor to 2020's megahit Dynamite. In fact, it is surprising that it only shares one songwriter with Dynamite (Jenna Andrews). The chorus's melody could be paired excellently with Dynamite. Anyway, Butter spirals forward, arising from a slow, percussion-based funk beat, to the disco synth-funk we are all here for. Thus, the first half of the song is decidedly forgettable, while the second half almost has too many moments, overcrowding the scene.

    Throughout all of the song, the glue holding it together is the chorus. The hooks are well-crafted. The vocal processing is obvious, but the charm in the vocals is there. Besides, this song is not Blood, Sweat, and Tears, I can understand the need for vocal effects in a pop song. When the chorus first appears, it is assisted (or harmed) by an underwhelming post-chorus. Thankfully, we never hear it again through the whole song.

    After a really brief second verse, we are thrown into the chorus again, this time with a synth-funk riff. This is my personal favorite moment in the song. It is brief, but it sets the stage for what the song is trying to accomplish.

    This is followed by a rap, adding such much-needed 'K-Pop' into the song. Surprisingly, Suga's rap is a stand-out moment and a good reminder of what he can do when HYBE is not going to throw him an unneeded rap. His English pronunciation is arguably the song's best.

    Speaking of which, Butter's lyrics are in an interesting place. On one hand, they make more sense than Dynamite, but not enough for it to be fully sensible, and they are pronounced so well they must be heard. In the end, that makes the lyrics one of the biggest detractors of the song. Back in 2020, BTS's Map of the Soul: 7 had some great lyrical moments. Since then, BTS's lyrics have been on auto-pilot, following a lot of the lyrics being outsourced. Butter continues this disturbing trend, with only RM involved in the lyrics. At least RM's line dedicated to ARMY is solid.

    Rating: 8/10

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