Why Kpop Fandom Streaming Bashing Is Stupid

  • I am going to get cancelled on this website for this but please read this through. I don't know if people just aren't educated or if they just choose to ignore it. When it comes to kpop, fandom streaming can be a blessing and hate attraction. When it comes to bashing Kpop streaming their are two main categories. Bashing Goals(ex:hitting 50m in 24 hours) and comparing to Western Fandoms. Lets start digging now.

    Bashing Streaming Goals.

    I can't stress this enough. You do not know how many times I have seen people bashing kpop fandoms for "only caring about streaming goals than the actual quality" calling them zombie streamers. I guess the more views a music video has the badder it is. I think people just don't know how the human brain works, if you don't like a song. You ain't gonna listen to it 10 times a day. A lot of people think that big kpop fandoms only care about streaming. Well lets use me as an example. The day film out came out guess how many times I streamed it? 1 time. I watched film out 1 time(not because I didn't like it but because I wasn't really interesting I really like it now though!). You are not going to "zombie stream" a song you don't like.

    For example, I haven't listened to On ft Sia since a long time(maybe even months Armys know why). Ok enough with that now lets get into the real tea. Lets say a fandom has a goal of 100 million views in 24 hours(yes I am referencing the dynamite goal). And lets say that the fandom size is approximately 50 million. If every single person in the fandom watched the music video 2 times how many views would it have?

    50 million views times 2=100 million. Ok lets say that half of the fandom only listened to it one time and the rest listened to it 3 times. 50 million viewers times 1=50 million views, then 25 million viewers times 3=75m. 50m+75m= 125 million views. So basically they can reach it Easy Peasy lemon squeezy. So you might be asking, if that is so then why are those views not registering? Why are kpop fandoms seem like that they are having a trouble reaching a goal? Simple-youtube taking too long to register the views and deleting them. Many kpop fans, For example, pressing the replay button right after they watched it to watch it again. Though we don't know that exact rules for youtube there has been a thing where you have to watch another video before going back to the music video you are streaming and others. So where do those views go?

    They get deleted. Many views get deleted because of youtube's view registering system. For example music video teasers. For the Butter and Film out music video teasers, I witnessed that there were around 400,000 views but 1 million likes. So how can that happen? Youtube taking too long to register them. Whenever a music video is released there is going to an influx of viewers and when youtube is registering them and in that process many of those views get deleted.

    This one of the main reason fandom streaming exists. The more people that watch the videos multiple times the more views that are most likely to be registered. So should it be a reason to bash no because they are taking their rightfully deserved prize. And as I showed the example with the 50mviewersx2=100 million streams. Realistically if a fandom is that big, they can easily reach the goal mathematically. So please stop bashing people trying to reach a streaming goal and calling them zombies.

    Comparing Kpop fandom Streaming to Western fandom streaming.

    "OMG KPOP fandoms only stream I mean look at western fandoms. They don't care about youtube records and other goals"

    This is probably the most stupid thing I have seen since stepping into the kpop world. I don't if most kpop stans just don't stan western artists and are just casual listeners of them. Well hate to break your bubble, but western fandom goals are the same as kpop fandom goals. As an Arianator and stans of many other western artists. I have seen the huge amount of streaming goals and other goals. Here are some photos to prove it.

    Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 9.59.59 AM.pngScreenshot 2021-05-19 at 9.59.29 AM.pngScreenshot 2021-05-19 at 9.59.23 AM.pngScreenshot 2021-05-19 at 10.27.46 AM.png

    My point is, saying that Western fandoms don't care about these things is just stupid.

    P.S-to the people that still say streaming is stupid and useless. Blackpink got 90 million dollars out of youtube alone.

    Thank you for reading my ted talk(please don't bash me).

  • Too long for me to read.

    Someone tell me what op wants to say in brief

  • I recently watched a video about Spotify that included a small part about BTS and their fandoms streaming. They had two armys on the video and they were really butthurt about Spotify deleting so many streams since they "worked" so hard for it.

    So I disagree with you. Kpop fandom streaming is stupid as hell and it's very much real. I mean you have stuff like streamining events, bots etc.

  • Tldr

    Zombie streaming is good

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    Too long for me to read.

    Someone tell me what op wants to say in brief

    She says that bashing fandom streaming goals is stupid because she believes the reasons given for bashing them are invalid. She doesn't actually state what the reasons are, but I'll include my deductions afterward and she can tell me if I'm right.

    Her points:

    Point 1. No one is going to zombie stream a video/song they don't like. She uses anecdotal evidence of her experience with Film Out - which she only watched once the first day.

    Deduction: She is refuting the zombie streamers narrative

    Point 2. Big fandom number may look unrealistic, but if they are really that big, those # of views are actually not that hard to rack up. if they have problems meeting those #s and are truly a big fandom, it's probably YouTube deleting views. She uses an MV teaser as an example - 400,000 view and 1 million likes.

    Deduction: She is saying that it's stupid to call people obsessed for "unrealistic" numbers that are actually realistic.

    Point 3. Western fandoms do the same type of goals

    Deduction: she is saying that is unfair that kpop fandoms get singled out for this when all music fandoms so this.

    How'd I do?

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    I'm fine with streaming goals, I just wish people took it less seriously. Kpop MVs don't care if it's your finals week or if you're having a huge presentation at work. Sometimes they drop at bad times for people. I have seen accounts be shamed for not dropping everything and devoting everything to streaming a MV.

    Overall I think everyone puts too much emphasis on YouTube views as a whole. Views should just be a fun thing to do... not an obligation.

    I honestly think YouTube should go the Instagram route and hide the view count from everyone but the channel owner. :pepe-hehe:

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