Do You Actually Like The Itzy and Aespa Song?

  • I'm an aespa stan and an Itzy fan (not exactly a stan but I follow their music and activities) if I'm being honest first listen i was let down by both songs especially next level because i had these expectations but I been listening to both songs on spotify and they grow on you a lot I think everyone is overreacting calling them horrible songs since both are killing it on charts so they cant be that bad..

  • I didn't have any issues with Mafia even though it might be the least interesting track of the album. But maybe it's more fitting as a title track than the others? I don't know.

    I have issues with Next Level however. I think the comparison with other unusual songs like IGAB or Zimzalabim is inappropriate as these songs sound way more cohesive to me. They have surprising twists that ultimately make sense, however jarring they sounded at first. Next Level just sounds like bits and parts roughly patched together to appear innovative and edgy.

  • Mafia In The Morning made me stan ITZY. I haven't like any of their title tracks initially except this one. Because of this thread, I finally listened to Aespa's Next Level. My opinion: it's extremely messy. I'm not really interested in Aespa anymore because it took so long for a comeback and this was very disappointing. I will probably unstan, sorry.

  • I think the companies are being lazy. Aespa is a new group and 2 of their 3 songs are remakes of old songs. I think ITZY had a great concept before, they fit into a space that there were not any other girl groups.

    Disagreeing with me does not mean someone is wrong. It just means we have different opinions on the song.

    Don't make a straw man to attack thats not what I actually think.

    Most users here lack nuance, and I do agree with you. I wouldn't want my faves first 2 out of 3 songs to be remakes, even if they are good. Black mamba is an original song and it clearly fits the girls' style more than next level.

  • It is probably mainly us as consumers, the companies care about money. I think we as their money bags influence their behavior.

    The responsibility is shared I honestly find. We agree that the companies follow the consumption of the fans. But the responsibilities also fall on the companies, they only follow the specifications. They don't try to take risks, the b tracks could just as easily offer things a little more risky but even on this point everything becomes standardized.

  • Both songs are bops, MITM has a weak chorus and Next Level has a bass line that bothers me sometimes. But they're both bops and pretty much top 5 of 2020 releases so far.



    Next Level

    Dun Dun Dance

    Bonnie and Clyde

  • Mafia had me hype for the first 30 seconds, but then the chorus let me down. Overall it's an OK song.

    As for Next Level, it was disappointing cause of all the work they put in, and the different sections alone sounded good but they didn't string it together well.

  • You're such an insider you had access to all these songs as soon as last year. What a freakin champ! :pepe-hype:

    For real though, I feel like you haven't listened to a lot of new releases this year.

  • I haven’t heard the other song but I didn’t mind Next Level.

  • I don't love either song. The new Aespa song is better than their debut so going in the right direction.

    And yeah I like MITM because of Itzy. There's a reason I'm watching music show performances on YouTube rather than going to Spotify. They have the talent to sell anything though. If I was a Midzy I'd be proud.

    Damn babies are out of this world. I am very proud.

  • As a group, I like Itzy more than aespa (Itzy girls have the best personalities to me, like Twice).

    As for the songs: At first listen, I dislike Mafia but with every new performance (I love Itzy for their hard hitting performances), the song grew on me and now it’s a bop to me!

    Next Level is the same, I dislike at first listen. Maybe I’ll like it if I listen to it more. It’s just I don’t find aespa’s performance that interesting to watch like Itzy. Maybe because they are rookies? But I’m giving them time. Love the sets and styling though, and aespa girls are gorgeous.

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