What's worse for a group that hasn't debuted yet?

  • So what is worse (Pick the letter from what I wrote down below) 3

    1. A (0) 0%
    2. B (0) 0%
    3. C (0) 0%
    4. D (0) 0%
    5. E (2) 67%
    6. I coment with something thats in my opinion worse for a non debuted group (1) 33%

    What do you guys think is the worst a company can do to their trainees?

    I had this in my mind since I was on Twitter and a tweet by the account of a group called BUGVEL poped up. BUGVEL is a trainee-group that is suposed to debut someday, but its not said when they are going to debut. They are signed to the Japanese label "Dream Passport" wich so far has only people signed who used to be in Produce 101 Japan or Produce X so far.


    BUGVEL's member Hikaru, Raira, Minato and Koshin apeard on the first season of Produce 101 Japan, while Mahiro and Guno apeard on Produce 101 X and Treasure Box before. The label they are signed with debuted a soloist and a boygroup less than a year after everyone apeard on Produce 101 Japan. Orbit is the boygroup and HICO the soloist who debuted so far. Orbit in November and HICO in December. Orbit is a Japanes-Korean group and even tho due to Covid 3 member couldn't come to Japan and had to stay in Korea for most of the activities their company still found a way to debut them in 2020 and allready gave them 1 full lenght album with 15 songs on it aswell as a 5 song long single, with a total of 3 MVs so far. HICO also releasd 1 single since debuting and is from time to time on Youtube with dance videos. Meanwhile there is BUGVEL who still hasn't debuted yet but is in the public's eye since quit a few months now wich is almost a year soon.

    Now I wonder since the other artists under the same company debuted allready but nobody knows when BUGVEL is going to debut, when they might debut. And I thought of it, isn't it bad for a company who debuts groups kinda fast to let another group wait so long but also puts the members into the public's eye a lot allready before debut without doing anything?

    I thought of why they might not have debuted yet, but even tho Guno lives in Taiwan, that isn't any reason to not debut, because their agency menaged to debut Orbit even tho 3 member are stuck in Korea.

    After that I had some random things in my mind. What do you think is the worst a agency can do to their trainees?

    A) Promoting them to the public even tho they don't have any real group-activities and probably might never even really debut

    B) Promising the group's debut after introducing their trainees but than doing nothing with their trainees till they someday debut

    C) Hiding their trainees for so long that when they debut you get shook on facts like how long some trainees were at their agency and the member might even say they had a fear to not being able to debut

    D) Using a non debuted group like if they had debuted, even tho they maybe not even released any songs and than someday just be like "yeah uh they debuted ... why do people still think the group is a pre-debut group?" and you as a fan sit there not having any clue like when the debut MV had droped or when the debut album/single was released while the member maybe don't even know it themself or just be like "K, we had debuted a while ago I don't know and I don't care" and people probably allready begun to forget about the group

    E) The idols want to debut and tell it to the public but their agency is clearly ignoring them

    What do you guys think is the worst of these options or is there any worse option than any of these?

  • All are equally bad in their own ways, but both A & B sound really terrible :(

    Option B is kinda what happend to NIK right now.

    NIK is the winner group of the survival show G-EGG. The show was held in early 2020 but multiple times postponed cause a few weeks Japan didn't allowed people to come to Japan and than Yonhak who made the show got covid and so the show ended like 4 months later than originaly planned in the middle of 2020. In December the 5 member who are living in Korea came to Japan but only for 1 kind of interview-event and than nothing else happend so far except that the group's Twitter account is sometimes mentioning that a member posted on their own personal Twitter or Instagram accounts and that's it. If Covid hadn't screws things up than NIK (wich stands for "Nippon and Korea" aka. just Japan and Korea lol) had allready debuted yet and would work on stuff.

    The more it gets delaied the more fans are being sad and it hurts the most those people who are fan of someone who was in another group before as for example Gunmin who was in B.I.G. The only people who can't really complain right now are people who are fans of Sihyuk since he is still releasing MVs with his original group Apeace. As the group said they would "begin" group-activities in the end of December people really thought they woul debut in early 2020, but nothing happend by now outside of the one event where the 5 member from Korea came to Japan. Also I think it's kinda bad for a survival show to not debut the winner group within the next few months after the show ended. I mean not even a day after G-EGG finished Yonhak announced that people could aply for season 2 but how should this even work out when the winner of season 1 didn't even debuted yet?

  • For me, it's E or D.

    It's sad to see a trainee losing will and motivation to debut even after addressing it to the public since the company is incompetent to do something instead of wasting everyone's time and effort.

  • For me, it's E or D.

    It's sad to see a trainee losing will and motivation to debut even after addressing it to the public since the company is incompetent to do something instead of wasting everyone's time and effort.

    Reminds me of NOA. He was trainee under YG for 7 years and said every time he asked if he might debuts or if he could even do something productive he was ignored and only 1 producer cared about his existence in all of YG. This producer btw also made his debut song, even tho NOA debuted back in his homecountry Japan after he had enough and left YG. His last words were "I saw people debut who came to YG some years after me, so I asked myself if its even worth to waste my time in this company. I came to the conclusion that I really wasted my childhood in Korea. So this is why I went back to Japan."

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