Best Mamamoo solo debut?

  • Moonbyul's "Selfish" was dope. I think it still is refreshing with appeal that is broader than South Korea. I wish she had more songs of the same quality.

    Hwasa's "Twit" was the most explosive! Lots of universal appeal when it came to vocals and the music. Hwasa's solo track on a previous MAMO album, "Be Calm", was good too. I thought she was from Cali by the vibes she gives off in MVs and live performances.

    All the members have great voices and can do ballads well. I think Solar and Moonbyul's music, overall, has more localized appeal. Wheein has a soulful duet out there with Peakboy on "Diet". Her OST track "Shine On You" is a jewel too.

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