[pann] BTOB in a hot mess for showing their love toward ex member who involved with drug scandal + fans leaving fandom

  • Laws shouldn't be absolute. There are outdated laws based on non scientifical evidence, there are laws based on tradition, there are laws based on religions, there are laws based on gender and race inequality, etc etc

    But you seeks like a kind of person who has a sheep mentality and will always obey the rules blindly. You are a kind of people who I despise, probably think is right to women hot having rights to drive in Arabia because "it's the law and law is absolute"

  • It is not sheep mindedness it is following the law. that's is why I'm saying who are you to decide which law is which. if it is deemed not upto date it is the law makers job to change.

    if you don't follow the law then there will be . what are you proposing is anarchy.

    if you really care about the women of Arabia then encourage lawmakers to change the law. don't encourage women there to drive. because they will be the one to face the repercussions of your dreams wanting to be put into reality.

    I believe that there are laws that should be changed. but as long as they are the existing law they should be followed.

    ex. if I believe that it is immoral for a person to own a property he does not use. I claim ownership on that property would that be right?

  • But does that make it moral or ethical?? you are basically stealing

    Exactly, not all laws are moral or just. People often use laws and loopholes to their advantage, even if it is immoral. The law can be abused and often is.

    Also morals are different from ethics. Not all ethics are moral.

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