*Mental Health Post* (feel free to skip)

  • I don't understand why when I try to open they reply with"lmao".

    You've gained my trust enough for me to tell you how stupid I am and you reply with one word.

    At least treat me like a human around your friends, I see and hear everything you say about me and It hurts when you say I'm annoying.

    Because I've been there for you when you were crying- why haven't you been there for me?

  • I feel you and you have my condolences. Those of us with the deepest wounds are often the ones that tend to others the most and it's really hard to be left alone if you need help.

    "The worst thing about beeing strong is, that noone ever asks, if you're ok."

    True that. I hope, you can take your time to recover a bit. And don't let other peoples behaviour determine your own sense of selfworth. Doing something like that says more about the people who do it then about the people that have it done to them.

  • If you have any classes at a therapist, it already does not result that all your problems are solved. First of all you need some time to be able to return to a normal and psychologically healthy life. And secondly you need to have a professional therapist who will guide you correctly. I personally did some therapy classes with the help of lamag.com/sponsored/best-online-therapy/. I will admit, in order to be in a normal state and to be able back to resist the routine, I needed almost half a year. I wish you as soon as possible to recover, it is important, but do not forget to be very persevering

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