[enter-talk] P.O getting hate for throwing swears and hits at Song Mino

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    "Gimoticon? What's a Gimoticon?"

    On Naver Now's Audio Show, the 2 were having a broadcast
    and he tried pronouncing Gimoticon which is a mix of Gift-ticon + Emoticonㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    t/n: "Gimoti" kinda sounds like 'Kimochi" which is a sentence you hear in Japanese p*rn a lot

    "Crazy bas*trd" x2*P.O suddenly started hitting on Son Mino and calling him crazy bast*rd*

    P.O starts hitting Song Mino after calling him crazy bast*rd


    He calls him crazy bast*rd again
    I don't understand why he's calling him crazy bast*rd either?

    Is P.O thinking things in his own head?
    Like "Kimochi"? But there's nothing weird about the Gimoticon comment


    He suddenly got hit and got shockedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    He got his twice with a paper roll. Since it's light, there won't be any issues right?

    "Are you a psycho?"
    *Song Mino laughing*

    He kept hitting him
    Song Mino just mispronounced it once, but he was called a psycho

    "You suck"
    "Ah Sorry"

    "This crazy bast*rd"

    Is P.O really mad?

    "What about now ?"

    Song Mino tries to start a new conversation

    *Looking front when Song Mino is giving him eye smiles*

    'I want to kill him"

    Because Mino was giving the eye smile, he said he wants to kill him

    "He's freaking fake"

    Is P.O pissed over an eye smile?

    "Screw off"

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    1. [+479, -28]
    You can tell that he's pissed, I can't see P.O in a good light anymore. How can you act like such a turn off on broadcast? No matter how close you are with someone, you can't act like this. Aren't you supposed to be more respectful if you're close to someone? It's not the first of second time he acts like that, because of that habit of him, he's going to end up regretting it one day

    2. [+384, -18[
    I don't know if Song Mino is fine with this, but as a Song Mino fan, I feel hurt.. Who will like seeing their bias get sworn at, no matter how close they are?

    3. [+368, -13]
    At this rate, I'm just trying to hold back. When P.O joined New Journey to the West, in 2018, P.O's fans were also saying how "they are super close friends, it's a friend that Mino treasures" and even in Mapo Hispter, the same happened. I heard so many uncomfortable things that were said in the last season of NJTTW, but I held back... I could've said so many times, but I didn't want to make things awkward since they are friends but this time, he's going too far... Saying something like that on broadcast is just so uncomfortableㅠㅠ The words determine a person's character, saying things like "I want to hit him" "I want to kill him" and hitting someone's head just shows the kind of person he is... Let aside being a fan and seeing a celebrity you like being treated that way, viewers are just watching shows to relax in general, but he's seriously ruining the mood on NJTTW and it makes me so madㅋㅋ ... Please I hope he fixes his habits... I haven't seen him act up like that on Amazing Saturday yet, but the way he swears and acts with his hyungs on NJTTW is so comparable, I hope he compares and learns from it... He's been on broadcast for 4 years already, I hope he acts with a bit more tactㅋㅋㅠㅠ

    4. [+215, -2]
    I'm seriously another group's fan, but this isn't funny at all

    5. [+192, -5]
    To be honest, I don't think he needs to appear on NJTTW anymore.... Ahn Jaehyun, Song Mino and Kyuhyun are more than enough...I'm so tired of him acting all close with Song Mino all the time.


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