Let's talk about my dad

  • I moved into my first own apartment recently and m dad came to put some lamps onto my ceiling but oh boy...

    His girlfriend baked me a cake and my dad also helped me putting stuff in my bookshelf and as we were done he literally bought me a TV (wich is conected to the internet), a new DVD-player (cause my old one has a cable that I can't put in the TV), a house-telephone and he helped me putting a hanging shelf on the wall. He also bought me a small wooden shelf for spices even tho I said I don't need one cause I own a lot spices and he also gifted me a extremly expensive pepper mil. My dad payed over 400€ (around 486$) for all stuff and I didn't even asked him to do all of that, since I knew he came for the lamps. My dad also almost bought me bluetooth speakers but as I said I allready own some he than almost got me a radio and as I said I have a radio he just gave me his 1 year old mobile phone and said "Oh I'm also giving you my old phone cause I got a new one"

    Literally half of the stuff I own now is either bought by my dad or my grandma lol thats so weird, cause as I got older I allways imagined how you have to buy everything yourself when you want/have to move out

    I wonder, are your parents like that too or do you had to buy everything on your own?

  • good that your dad is so supportive, he seem like appa of the year candidate!

  • My family didn't bought much cause my mom feared the parents of my boyfriend could buy stuff for me and my boyfriend's family did the same, but since we both are Asian our both parents gave us sooooo much food as we moved in

  • I bought all my own furniture that I’d saved up for in my job. You’re lucky to still have a Dad, I recently lost mine and I miss him very much, he was a good man.

  • Errr .. No, my dad didn't even help me when I was pregnant and I was homeless for a bit..

    Hes been trying to be better the last past years... But I've never needed him to help me tbh.

    when I moved into my place 2 years ago, he offered to paint... Which he hardly did, his wife helped more than he did he just complained she wasn't doing it right, I ended up painting the rest of my place by myself. I'd rather my dad doesn't try to help as he causes more trouble plus I know how to take care of things by myself.

    But it would have been nice to have supporting parents as a kid and an adult I guess.

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