Most famous idol? Suga, Mark Lee, Lisa, Nayeon orTzuyu

  • blackpink is a group of 4 immensely talented soloists put together

  • What a dumb statement.....

    Here have a read.

    Jimin topped the 2019 ranking for the Preferred Korean Idols in 2019. He ranked: #1 for females ages 13-18, #1 for females ages 19-29, #1 for males ages 13-18 and #2 for males ages 19-29, giving him the rank #1 for the overall survey. 19.1% of respondents (Koreans ages 13-29) chose Jimin.

    i think she's trolling when she said no one in bts is famous..As a non bts fan, i've seen a lot of articles about jk and V

  • and he achieved all of that with no promo, imagine the numbers if there was a physical copy of d-2 and promo.

    imagine saying for a bts member "if your idol was relevant" lol

    what is the exclusive promotions you're talking about? Didn't he release his album (…with-d-2/?sh=486254af254d) and promote his songs in music shows?Rose from blackpink released her album and promoted the songs in music shows

  • i think you made a mistake when you mentioned late night hosts talking about bp members. You haven't realised how big that group is right now. And no one is regularly mentioning suga or bts member's name on these shows. The only thing they talk about is trump lol.

  • BTS as a group arguably more popular. But individually, bp members are more popular than bts'.

    Here non kpop fans know Lisa and to some extent Jennie, but they don't know any bts member.


  • Here is why Suga being more famous isnt a foregone conclusion, even though Army might think BTS fame = individual BTS member fame.

    Suga got a lot of hype over Daechwita (as did Jhope for CNS), and Rose outcharted both of them even though we all know Army is way bigger than Blinks in the US.

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    Until BH decides to actually give BTS solo promotions (solo album, solo endorsements, etc), individual members like Suga just wont have the same brand recognition as someone like Lisa.

  • what is the exclusive promotions you're talking about? Didn't he release his album (…with-d-2/?sh=486254af254d) and promote his songs in music shows?Rose from blackpink released her album and promoted the songs in music shows

    No he didn't

    This was what yoongi did for his MIXTAPE that he dropped WITHOUT NOTICE WITH NO PHYSICALs


    Dropped it


    He did NO promotions for it, nothing on music shows, nothing on American shows, literally he dropped it and dipped.

    BTS members have not OFFICIALY debuted solo at all, they release free and mainly surprise mixtapes with NO push or promotions at all.

  • The album was literally a surprise drop that even outcharted 2019 bp's album on bb 200 . A free mixtape did that. But go on if u wanna compare suga's unpromoted single that came out with a whole set of songs to a monthes awaited single with proper promotions . Only in the fact free blink bubble is rose more known than suga. :clown:

    Polls out of one's ass sadly don't change the fact that there is no brand recognition of your faves compared to BTS individual members in the west. The real west not the fictional one.

  • give up this narrative now..Bp is already huge globally..So that south-east asia narrative won't work now

    you are underestimating Suga's popularity worldwide as well. Sure he doesn't have as many solo stans as BTS maknae line or Lisa, but a lot of people bias him in BTS.

    Also, I did say Lisa is big worldwide and there's not a huge difference between her popularity and Suga's. It doesn't only apply to SEA.

  • Most people where I live have no clue who bp is. The only ones who do are armys who know a little more about kpop. Most people know or have heard of bts and the members.

    I've tried to get everyone around me into bts but a lot don't vibe with them and turn into Suga solo stans instead. They keep asking who he is until I have to show them his solo work and crack videos on him. Then they get obsessed with him. Even my racist lecturer likes him.

    He's quite obviously the most popular. Maybe he's beaten in some Asian countries but not overall.

  • yeah yoongi did that with no promo and physicals. his debut points were higher too. also some more numbers for yall

    Artist 100

    Agust D - #4

    Digital Song Sales

    Daechwita - #2

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