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    The person talk mismanaged groups in jyp

    Disclaimer : I'm not an Itzy fan, though I do listen to all their songs at least once when they come out to see if I like them, I usually don't though. Right now the only song I can actually listen to by them fully in Wannabe, I can listen to some of Icy (the beginning and dance breaks shouting is annoying so is the end so I skip it) I have nothing against them because they're talented and I'm honestly kind of sad that I don't like their songs. Also this is my perspective as a non-fan and someone who has danced for 4 years (hiphop), sung for 10, and rapped for 3. Also I have ADHD so I'm sorry if it's a little all over the place or hard to understand. Now with that being said; let's get into it!

    Edit: I would just like to clarify that this is more about JYP than it is the members of Itzy (because they're so talented and have a ton of potential) nor is it putting down Got7, I'm an Ahgase and JYP failed Got7, like I think they're going to fail Itzy.

    Vocals :

    Right off the bat, I noticed that their voices sounded abnormally high, and screechy in their songs. I realized later this is because whatever idiots produce their songs doesn't put it in their vocal range (I found this by listening to predebut stuff and live performances) Lia, Yeji, and Chaeryoung have very good voices, almost above average. The thing is that their voices are in a lower register and also softer than they need to be to fit the genre. Yuna has an okay but extremely nasally voice that can be unpleasant at times, like after Yejis head move in wannabe. Ryujins voice is okay, I haven't heard her sing too much tbh. I really wish they would do a softer sweeter song that would fit Yeji, Chaeryoung, and Lia's voices properly. In the songs that they have, the "vocal" parts are more sing talking or shouting, which is not only a little annoying and unpleasant, but it also does not give the girls a chance to show their vocal talents.

    Rapping :

    With rapping I don't have much to go off of since in most of their songs it's not real rapping, it's super slow, borderline talking raps, or just fast talking. But, based off of mainly MITM none of them have good flow. I know it sounds harsh but it's true. Plus they don't sound confident while rapping which takes away the power from the rap. Yeji has pretty good flow but it's not quite enough to consider her good rapper. I honestly just think that none of them were trained as rappers, but they definitely do have a lot of potential, they just need better songs and to work on their delivery.

    Dance :

    I love their choreos, they are amazing dancers. One thing is that the tend to under dance, probably because the notes they rap/sing are out of their range and the choreographies are just generally tiring. About Lia, I'm not going to say she's a horrible dancer or anything, but she definitely isn't a natural dancer. She is below average especially for a trained idol, but she really does try, and manages to keep up most of the time, and that's what matters.

    Music :

    OOH I have so much to say about this! The producers changed for every title Single/EP/Album, when they should've stuck with the producer of DD or Wannabe. Right now I'm going to talk specifically about MITM because literally execute the producers and lyricists. The equalization sounds like it was made by an amateur I have no idea why jaywhypee approved it. In some parts their voices are louder than the back track, in some the back track is louder, and others they're equal. Don't even get me started on the lyrics. I wasn't fond of Itzys lyrics before because they didn't make much sense or they were shallow, but this is a whole new level of wtf is going on? Not to mention the pitch is too high for the girls, MITM was better and you could hear Lia's real voice a little more, but not much. Also why do they keep pushing EDM/Hiphop on girls who aren't confident with rapping? And why push EDM/Hiphop on a group where 3/5 have softer voices that don't fit in the genre? The thing about their music that really makes me see them being in a got7 situation, is that the music has a pretty narrow demographic. They only have songs that are really loud and messy, honestly reminding me of my annoying little sister, and if they have songs that are softer, if it isn't a title track people won't listen to it. They company really needs to let them expand and do a lot of different things to find what works best for the girls instead of only putting out one genre. (their title tracks have 93M-152M streams (on Spotify) and their other songs have 1M-8M with two outliers at 12M & 14M) Plus if they keep getting bad songs like MITM and Icy, those two specifically because knetz hated them both, (Icy not to the degree of MITM but still) and they do not have any longevity factor AT ALL.

    I see Itzy being a Got7 situation all over again, they were popular at first but then JYP gave them songs with narrow demographs, the songs being questionable anyway, and so they kind of fell off and were pushed to the back burner. I really see this happening with Itzy especially because JYP is planning to debut ANOTHER new girl group in 22 or 23 AND they already have NiziU, plus it seems that they were a filler group in the first place because JYP had nothing planned to promotions, probably because he thought that DD wasn't going to be popular. Which is incredibly sad, because these girls have SO much potential that's being completely wasted. Also if JYP pulls another trick like at the golden disc awards, people are going to blame the girls again like they did in 2020.

    tl;rd : JYP is ruining Itzys chance of making it big by not giving them good songs that fit their vocals, and raps that are actually raps and not fast talking, or rap talking. Their songs don't have a longevity factor besides DD and Wannabe, and if they continue with songs like Icy and MITM Itzy won't be able to grow. So basically save Itzy from JYP before they end up like Got7.

    (At the golden disc awards 2020 Itzy won bongsang over Changmo even though itzy had 19.57 points from charting and changmo had 55.20, they couldn't have won fairly even if he got 0 points because to surpass him they'd need at least 35.64, but bts got the highest number of points with 34.74)

    Extra : I don't understand how people say Itzy is the ONLY super popular 4th gen GG, because Gidle has more monthly listeners on spotify and about the same sales on their album? And then they be like Itzy is more popular cuz they have more wins! No...they don't, Gidle has 26 total and Itzy has 21. So in conclusion of my extra, Gidle and Itzy 4th gen leaders


    What is your opinion?

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