(Trigger Warning) Twitch streamer berates baby on live stream, sparks backlash online

  • In a shocking incident, a Twitch streamer took out his rage on his infant son after his controller malfunctioned midway during a Madden NFL game.

    The streamer initially went by the name of buckkerz. Post the incident going viral on social media, he deleted all his videos and is believed to have now changed his name to imsorry123456.

    The shocking clip was originally posted to Livestream Fails on Reddit but has since been taken down. However, it was picked up by Twitter users, who called buckkerz out for being a terrible father:

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    In the clip, viewers can see the streamer playing a game of Madden NFL while holding his baby.

    However, his controller malfunctions all of a sudden and causes him to fly off the handle. He then almost throws his baby on to a nearby bean bag and literally yells at the crying child to "shut the f**k up."

    This abhorrent exhibition of rage soon invited severe backlash online, as Twitter users condemned the actions of buckkerz.

    Source: Sportskeeda

  • What a fucking asshole. Why have a child if you're not even gonna treat them right?

    The poor kid was crying because you started yelling so it got scared or something, yet you yell at them? tf

    And over a controller of all things smh

    Also, i hate people who cuss around children. Like i feel like they should be at least 13 or something.

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