Last Saku No Ki for Sakura as Izone Sakura

  • 1 This might be the last Saku no Ki as IZ*ONE's Sakura T_T Join us together under the fateful sakura tree again...

    I recorded Saku no Ki by myself for about a yr so it's been a while since I heard the "Tonight, Under the Sakura Tree" BGM. Listeners could hear it on the actual broadcast, but when I was recording, it was silent. That's why today feels like an actual radio recording again lol. Since there's staff around, I'm not lonely, but it's been a long time since people could see me while recording. Before, I just did it whenever I remembered. Today's Saku no Ki was properly in my schedule, and I even put on a little bit of makeup by myself lol. It makes it seem like actual work again, so I'm nervous, but I'm going to do my best

    This is being recorded at 2 p.m. on 4/25. WIZONE might be listening to this while crying, but last week was the last time I could introduce myself as "IZONE's Miyawaki Sakura." I had 3 days left as of now

    Lately I've been recording in the middle of the night at like 3, 4 am or 5, 6 am in the morning, but recording this in the afternoon makes me feel like I can do this more cheerfully. At night, things take a turn for the negative. Last week, I talked about how I was nervous about having a broadcast on 4/28, since it's an significant day for WIZ*ONE too. But it's daytime, I ate lunch & my condition is good so I think I can get through this brightly

    IZ*ONE, which was formed through the audition program Produce48, debuted on October 29, 2018 and ends its activities on April 28, 2021 24:00, 2 1/2 years later as announced, so that was just now

    My feelings now...well, it's been about 1 1/2 months since our last concert and we had a period with nothing in our schedules. We were just in the dorms, going out to eat together and going on trips. They let us have a pretty relaxing time. If we had had our last concert on 4/28, I'd probably be correspondingly crying and it would be a mess. In this time, I thought about a lot of things, I remembered a lot. I was able to think back, and in this period, I was able to sort my feelings little by little...none of us are ready to go though lol. Packing makes you sad, right? So all of us put it off until the end. It's not like we were just too lazy to pack! It's because we'd get lonely, ok! 1

    2 "Most shocking thing about living in Korea?"

    Sakura: How yabai the traffic congestion is! For real! Our manager-san who is listening in right now also agrees😂 Especially on weekdays, from 3pm to 7pm, your car won't be moving at all if you're at places like Gangnam~ The most yabai was during a big snow storm in Korea. Our dorm to practice room usually takes 30min but it took 3hrs that day! Our practice was at 9am but we reached at 11am. It was for a MV shoot the next day. We practiced for an hour & it took another to get home. The congestion is sooo bad that I wouldn't want to go out at all in the evening during weekdays. Whenever there's an off day & such, it has become a habit to start moving from 12pm so that I won't get caught in the traffic. I think those living in Korea would empathize~

    Unforgettable moments as #IZONE over the past 2.5yrs

    1: Moment on stage

    Sakura: 🙀 There's too many! ...Today is a 2hr special? No?😂 To be honest, EVERYTHING~ But I actually don't remember much from debut days since we were stretched to the limit then. The first one that I recall going, 'Yabai! I have goosebumps!' is MAMA2018 in Japan. It was the first time we stood in such a large, 360degrees stage as #IZONE. There were fans from other groups too. We performed Rumor 12 members ver. for the first time on that stage! The crowd went wild! The cheers were deafening! At that time, I played it cool but in my heart, I was shouting, 'YABAI!'. It was such a charged up moment that members continued saying, 'MAMA in Japan was yabai!'. The cheers at that time was so...we just debuted right? We weren't expecting to hear cheers as loud as that so I had goosebumps! It was amazing~ In our 1st year, we were able to perform a lot in front of the fans & also went on tour. Every single moment of that, looking back now, is a precious treasure~ Now, we can't even hear WIZ*ONE's our last 1 year. That's truly my utmost regret, or rather, it's such a waste! But I think the (most unforgettable moment) is probably MAMA2018.

    Unforgettable memory with trainer

    Sakura: I've been sorting my luggage recently & something nostalgic turned up. It was a notebook distributed during (PD48) audition. Going over it, there were words from Youngjun-sensei who choreographed Rumor, Panorama, etc. for us. "It's not the strongest person wins but a person who fights till the end is strongest" was written on it. I feel bad saying this but when I saw that, I was like, "Ehh~ He said something like this??"😂 I shouldn't have forgotten...😅 But hearing it at that time probably gave me a lot strength. Looking at those words now gives me even more strength because his words hit harder in a different way. It's been 3 years since I came to Korea. And wow~ In these 3 years, I've met so many people, learned various things from so many people. Reflecting on all of that gives me serious goosebumps. I actually read the notebook just yesterday! I haven't look at it even once in the past 2.5yrs but reading it again when we've reached our somehow feels like a movie. I can't help being touched.

    There was a lady sensei who was with us since our debut (Dasom ssaem?). She was super strict!😅 When I was in HKT, I was already on my 7th year so by then, I wasn't being scolded anymore. Since I was an adult & I've never been late or did anything bad. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. But there's a feeling of loneliness too. After going to Korea, all 12 of us, well, it's not to the extent of being scolded but when we were given pretty harsh advice, I was really happy about it! I felt blessed to be in an environment where someone takes us seriously & scolds us. I can't express how thankful I am to that sensei. I was scared at that time but looking back now, the one who was able to bring out that kind of performance from us was that sensei so I'm filled with gratitude!

    Unforgettable episode with #IZONE members

    Sakura: I don't know where to start...😂 When we were practicing for LVER, we talked about how long 2.5yrs is, like "It's still a long way ahead!". It was award season so Wanna One-senpai had their last award shows & stages. We just debuted back then so looking at them, we thought, "That would be us 2.5yrs later huh? But there's still 2.5yrs!". All the members were saying that but when we realized it, 2.5yrs had already passed & it's 2021! It was truly...a fast but long 2.5yrs~ Looking back on it now, it felt fast but also eventful. There were many tough moments & I cried many times but because we were the 12 of us, we could do it. I'm fixated with the number 12. I'm really thankful that the 12 of us were able to come to the very end together. Being able to complete #IZONE's run as part of these 12 people is a blessing.

    (reflecting on PD48 being 3 yrs ago) I've really worked hard for these past 3 years~ I can say it because it true😂 Well, I play games too sometimes but overall, I've really worked hard! Being able to become fully absorbed & desperate as an idol again has allowed me to return to my roots. It's been a wonderful 3 yrs~ I can really understand WIZ*ONE's feelings so for those who feel like they still can't face reality, it's fine to head over to the parallel universe & come back to this world only on Wednesdays.

    IZONE's activities may have ended but the fact that we were #IZONE & you were all WIZ*ONE will never disappear. It's a reality which will exist forever since the day #IZONE came into existence. It's only normal to feel sad now but, there will probably be some people who would find #IZONE's video 3 years later, start watching it & be like "Eh! They've ended their activities?! I should have followed them then!"...There might be people who will encounter #IZONE in the future, but as people who were able to support #IZONE in real-time, I hope it'll become a lifetime pride for everyone~😂 Tbh, it'll be a challenge from now on for us too. For #IZONE to continue to impress, the present us have to keep working hard too. So that ppl will say, "Isn't that the group where xx, yy came from?!"I think that for #IZONE's past to shine even brighter, the present us has to work even harder! It may be a parting but also a new start so even though we might face difficult days ahead of us, with the things I've learned & gained from #IZONE, with everything #IZONE has taught me, I will try to make the best out of my life from here on out & keep on living without regrets~ 2

    I don't know what to say to WIZ*ONE now. I just feel gratitude from the bottom from my heart. Please support the futures of the 12 members, and please don't forget about Saku no Ki

    Sakura: As the last Saku no Ki...

    Staff: *hits the "Wrong!" "Wrong!" buzzer over and over again

    Sakura: Whoops 😆 Saku no Ki will continue from here on too, if anyone was nervous about it. Please don't forget about IZ*ONE, because we (the members) won't ever forget about it 1


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