'Recalled' movie director defends Seo Yeji's gaslighting scandal

  • 'Recalled' movie director defends Seo Yeji's gaslighting scandal


    Article: Director who worked with Seo Yeji blames Kim Jung Hyun, "The person who listened to the order is the problem"

    Source: Han via Naver

    1. [+5,502, -154] I get that her movie is important to her but how can she blame the person who listened to the orders and not the person making the orders?

    2. [+4,456, -81] Is the director under her spell too?

    3. [+2,745, -73] This just sounds like she's blaming the person who was slapped and not the person doing the slapping. And is there even a need to assess who is more to blame? I'm just horrified at the truth that's been revealed behind her mask all this time.

    4. [+1,507, -44] I get that she can't talk sh*t about her leading star in her movie but... what a difficult situation for her

    5. [+1,101, -54] What's this load of sh*t? Is she shielding her because she's in her movie?

    6. [+551, -5] It's not about that. If you read all of the accounts, she has a pattern of abusing her power against the weak. Obviously she wouldn't have acted like this to someone higher in status than her like her own director so of course she hasn't witnessed any of her problematic behavior.

    7. [+344, -8] ㅋㅋㅋ Is this director sane? Then what does she think of the 'Time' producers and all that they've suffered?;;; I was going to watch this movie out of sympathy for the director having to deal with Seo Yeji's mess but now I've lost all interest.

    8. [+328, -4] What a thoughtless statement. Seo Yeji is as much to blame for making such ridiculous orders as is Kim Jung Hyun for following them. It's obvious the director is trying to shield Seo Yeji in any way she can because her own movie is on the line but saying stuff like this only turns me off from wanting to see it.

    9. [+296, -6] How is this any different from blaming people who fall for a cult than the cult itself...

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