Topic you wish your faves made a song about

  • Is there any topic/story/thing(?) that you wish your fave(s) wrote a song about? Or is there a song like that already?

    Mine is this

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    I always love city lights. It's beautiful and it reminds me that there are people with different lives and stories behind each of those lights. It felt pretty magical the first time I listened (and read) Mikrokosmos, the way my favorite scenery was made into a song... <3

  • BP should make a song about dungeons (& maybe dragons) or clowns

    RV should make a song about the importance of anger management and not turning into a (oh wait they already have) Psycho

    Twice should make a song about being overworked

    BTS should make a song that contains boys scouts wearing bulletproof vests

    Izone should make a song about cheating, manipulation and deceit.

    (that's all i got for now)

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