Let's draw a line between mismanagement and mistreatment ~

  • this hasn't really been discussed much so i felt the need to say something.

    mismangement and mistreatment of groups and idols are two different things. and some of yall be getting them mixed up

    definition of mismanagement: the process of managing something badly or wrongly.
    definition of mistreatment: to treat badly, to abuse.

    let's take this into the context of kpop. let's say group A has been having long gaps in between combacks and little to no content for their fans. it sucks for the idols, but it is really their company mistreating the group? no. the company the sucks at marketing, therefore, it's mismangement.

    let's now say group B have members who end up missing in photos, these members get bullied by staff and called fat, ugly, etc. or the company makes group B's members have strict diets that they force upon. the idols here are being taken advantage of and their company does things that harm their health such as forcing strict diets. therefore, this counts as mistreatment.

    i see kpop stans say that their fave gets mistreated when they aren't really. the situation they bring up would fall under mismanagement. an example would be when jimin stans complained that big hit wasn't doing anything to protect jimin from malicious commenters and that big hit is "mistreating" jimin.

    the malicious commenters are the ones who are mistreating jimin. it would be mismangement on big hit's end to not do anything about it. jimin is not mistreated by big hit.

    i hope i made myself clear here. hope y'all have a nice day!


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  • Mismanagement : basically every group when the company fk up. Group that are notorious for being mismanaged : GOT7, 2NE1, 4minute etc...

    Mistreated : Company bad attitude towards their own artists. Notorious ones : Fanatics (Recent slapping controversy), EXO chinese lineup (except Lay ?), maybe others ?

    Groups that are mistreated are almost always mismanaged, CLC could be the biggest example though i don't know if this cna be considered mistreatment really.

    Mismanaged can happen in every companies, though for small companies it is more likely to happen, with less money they have less room for errors.

    Mistreatment is almost always on smaller companies who don't invest into taking care of their own artists.

  • This is an example of mistreatment:

    - For the girl group Yellow Bee, the company executives sexually-harassed the members, attempted to sleep with them, falsely accused a member who left the company as 'being fired for promiscuous behaviour', did not pay any salaries to the members, made them pay for their own styling and video editing, sent them off to Japan with no support staff and told them to find work by themselves. (source)

    That's what it means for artists to be neglected by the company, and treated badly by the company.

    These are examples of mismanagement:

    - Company did not publicise the group on the channels that would make them more well-known. Company had poor or lacking communications with fans about organised events. Company did not organise proper sales channels for overseas fans. Company did not do a good job at protecting the members from stalker-fans or malicious comments online.

  • the perso

    Mismanaged: Blackpink, Twice, Cherry Bullet, fromis_9

    Mistreated: Fanatics, whoever is left under TS. But if we include name calling and strict diets, everyone tbh

    i was about to edit the post and go over this. thanks for helping me save time :)

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  • The problem is the end result is all the same for fans: idols not receiving what they believe they deserve. Also, in general fans aren't interested in definitions.


    mismanagement and mistreatment both end up screwing over the fans who want their idols to be treated fairly. i didn't expect anyone to care about the definitions if they already knew them. i added them in just in case someone who didn't know the difference could understand better. i was targeting a different audience. <3

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