TWICE June 2021 Comeback Wishlists

  • Here is an official thread for everyone to write their wishlists for what they hope to see in TWICE's upcoming June 2021 comeback!

    Just as a disclaimer, these are not complaints but merely things I would really be interested in seeing TWICE do for their comeback, I wouldn't hold it against them if some or none are done.

    I'll start with mine! These will be about how I wish the title track, music video, album, and promotions of the era will be like!

    Comeback Season:

    • 4 weeks notice, announcement and reveal of comeback/era title 3 weeks before d-day, 3 weeks of pre-order
    • photo teasers within 1st week of comeback season, concept film and member teasers [that have nothing to do with the m/v] spanning the course of 3 days [3 members a day] in the second week, album details and one epic m/v teaser with no spoilers that can purely build and not diminish hype
    • pre-order opens for all sites at the same time with no delays

    Title Track:

    • legendary instrumental intro that draws listeners in but isn't too long
    • nayeon starts the song
    • sana/dahyun iconic catchy verse line
    • nahyo chorus & satzu chorus [rotates]
    • mina and tzuyu pre-chorus
    • jeongyeon and momo pre-chorus
    • iconic legendary ethereal memorable bridge sung by either mina or jihyo
    • jihyo main high note [see FANCY, Kura Kura]
    • *if there is a rap, [which i hope is very catchy and strong] i want it to be led by momo & chaeyoung
    • written or parts written by a twice member
    • fun, easy, memorable choreography that isn't too difficult or strenuous for the members to perform daily but can also showcase their skills and talents

    Music Video:

    • a lot of night time scenes
    • a lot of tzuyu scenes that showcase her visuals tremendously
    • many different sets/backgrounds/scenes
    • pretty aesthetic
    • good camerawork
    • three different backgrounds for the three choruses [last one at night]
    • pretty trendy/and or unique (trendsetter) fashion and styling for the members during the chorus
    • cohesive theme
    • memorable iconic scenes
    • fireworks or the aurora borealis in the night sky [cgi]
    • less green screen & cgi unless used for the wish listed above
    • good fairly equal screen time for all members
    • ends with tzuyu or sana looking at the camera as the main character [we need a TZUYU era]
    • vm project, lumpens, digipedi, naive or whoever produced kura kura as the music video's studio directors/producers


    • 10th mini album
    • 7 songs; including cry for me
    • 5 songs written by twice members
    • tzuyu written song [by herself or with another member]
    • momo written song [see HOT, Love Foolish]
    • jihyo written song [see Up No More]
    • dreamy simple catchy summer song b-side
    • hard-hitting song with a great beat drop
    • perhaps korean ver. of kura kura?? or english ver. of upcoming title track??


    • 3-4 weeks of music show promotions [4 if this is our only kr comeback of the year]
    • a lot of variety shows (knowing brothers PLEASE)
    • some talk shows too!!
    • performances on some western shows [not necessary but jype is inevitably gonna do it so might as well do it while the song is fresh instead of hashing it out when the era is over]
    • interviews [all members, some members, solo]
    • promotions on the right channels and reaching the right audiences
    • making sure everyone knows the comeback is happening/is out
    • twitter emojis!!
    • itzy, skz, niziu dancing to the comeback [not necessary but i would really love to see them dancing to twice more]
    • jyp and twice pulling strings and getting close celebrity friends to promote too (ig: sunmi, etc...)
    • a lot of stocking, and distribution in western stores too (DO BETTER REPUBLIC!)
    • at the height of promotions, tease/reveal nayeon's upcoming solo in september

    That's all I have for my wishlist so far! Feel free to leave yours in the thread! If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

  • wishlist:

    - proper bikini/swimsuit - don't wanna see some full rashguards or those swimsuits which are covering whole body like for some middle-schoolers

    - if not bikini then at least



    it's summer time, they ain't children, let's not eff this up JYP

    + I wanna see some daylight scenes like here, not full video in the dark

    + if this was big ass resort then at least 3 sets for whole group
    + all members should have their own individual set

  • - proper bikini/swimsuit

    Would something like this be acceptable?

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  • Yeah this is cool still I am afraid they won't let girls show so much bodies because it's big 3 group

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