• "Solitude by choice, rebellious spirit, and endearing innocence coexisting with classical beauty and intensity in his eyes…"



    Stage Name: D.O. (디오)

    Birth Name: Do Kyung Soo (도경수)

    Position: Main Vocalist

    Birthday: January 12, 1993

    Zodiac sign: Capricorn

    Nationality: Korean

    Height: 173 cm (5’8″)

    Blood Type: A

    Hometown: Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

    Specialties: Singing, beat box, acting

    Super Power (Badge): Force

    Enlisted: July 1, 2019


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    EXO Facebook Page

    D.O's Facebook Fan Page






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    Another important rule: please have fun :p Kyungsoo is an unpredictably fun person himself, let's respect and enjoy each other companies while having fun :D


  • SM Entertainment confirmed that D.O. would be using his birth name, Do Kyung-soo, for all his future activities as an actor, and his stage name, D.O., for all his activities as an idol and member of EXO.



    To the Beautiful You [2012] – as himself (Guest)

    EXO Showtime [2013] – as himself (Reality Series)

    Cart [2014] – as Choi Taeyoung (Supporting Role)

    It’s Okay, That’s Love [2014] – as Han Kangwoo (Supporting Role)

    EXO Next Door [2015] – as himself-ish (Guest Role)

    Hello Monster [2015] – as teenage Lee Joonyoung (Cameo Role)

    Be Positive [2016] – as Hwandong (Lead Role)

    Pure Love (aka Unforgettable) [2016] – as Beomsil (Lead Role)

    My Annoying Brother [2016] – as Go Dooyoung (Lead Role)

    Room No.7 [2017] – as Taejung (Lead Role)

    Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds [2017] – as Private Won Dongyeon (Supporting Role)

    Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days [2018] – as Private Won Dongyeon (Supporting Role)

    Swing Kids [2018] – as Roh Kisoo (Lead Role)

    100 Days My Prince [2018] – as Wondeuk / Leeyul (Lead Role)

    Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder [2019] – as himself (Reality Series) Season 2:

    Underdog [2019] – as Moongchi (Lead Role (Voice Actor))

    Dear My Room (aka Eunjoo’s Room) [2019] – as O’live (Cameo Role)

    EXO Variety Show Masterlist (D.O’s Multiple other shows/appearances)



    16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival - Best Young Actor (It's Okay, That's Love)

    3rd APAN Star Awards - Best Young Actor (It's Okay, That's Love)


    51st Baeksang Awards - Best New Actor(TV) Nominee [It's Okay, That's Love)

    10th Max Movie Awards - Best New Actor Nominee (Cart)

    9th Asian Film Awards - Best Newcomer Nominee (Cart)

    52nd Grand Bell Awards - Best Supporting Actor Nominee (Cart)

    52nd Grand Bell Awards - Popularity Award Nominee (Cart)


    11th Max Movie Awards - Rising Star Award (N/A)

    52nd Baeksang Awards - Most Popular Actor (film) [Pure Love]


    53rd Baeksang Awards - Best New Actor(film) Nominee [My Annoying Brother]

    53rd Baeksang Awards - Most Popular Actor(film) [My Annoying Brother]

    Korean Film Shining Star Awards - Newcomer Award(film) [My Annoying Brother]

    13th JIMFF Awards - Star Award (My Annoying Brother)

    38th Blue Dragon Awards - Best New Actor (My Annoying Brother)

    2nd Asia Artist Awards - Popularity Award - Actor


    27th Buil Film Awards - Popularity Star Award (Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days)

    2nd The Seoul Awards - Popularity Award, Actor (Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days)

    18th Director’s Cut Awards – Best New Actor (Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days)

    3rd Dong-A.com’s Pick – Next Generation Noteworthy Actor


    55th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best V Live Popularity Award (100 Days My Prince)

    14th Annual Soompi Awards – Best Actor of the Year and Best Couple (with Nam Jihyun) (100 Days My Prince)

    2019 Brand of the Year Award – Best Male Acting Idol (100 Days My Prince

    28th Buil Film Awards – Popular Star Award (Swing Kids)


  • maxresdefault.jpg


    With EXO / EXO-K:

    Mama [2012]

    XOXO [2013] (Repackage: Growl)

    Miracles in December [2013]

    Overdose [2014]

    EXODUS [2015] (Repackage: Love Me Right)

    Sing for You [2015]

    EX’ACT [2016] (Repackage: Lotto)

    For Life [2016]

    The War [2017] (Repackage: The War: The Power of Music)

    Universe [2017]

    Countdown [2018]

    Don’t Mess Up My Tempo [2018] (Repackage: Love Shot)

    Solo / Collabs:

    Dear My Family [2012] (I AM. OST)

    Goodbye Summer [2013] (f(x) ft D.O.)

    I’m Your Girl [2019] (Remake; S.E.S (Actor in MV))

    Tell Me What Is Love [2014] (For Exology Chapter 1: The Lost Planet)

    Crying Out [2014] (Cart OST)

    Tell Me What Is Love [2016] (SM Station with Yoo Youngjin)

    Don’t Worry [2016] (My Annoying Hyung OST with Jo Jungsuk)

    For Life (English Version) [2019] (For EXO PLANET #4 = The ElyXiOn [dot])

    That’s Okay [2019] (SM Station)


  • 20190530_DO_KYUNG_SOO_DO_EXO_01.jpg

    • D.O. is obsessed with cleaning! His things are usually tidy organized. He sorts everything as its color, brand, and type.

    Sehun: “D.O. is. When you go to his room and open up all his drawers, I guarantee you you’ll find everything neatly piled and organized. He even sorts his shirts by color and by type. Ah, well this isn’t to say that the rest of are unclean. We’re all pretty good with keeping our things organized, but D.O. is the cleanliest.”

    • D.O. is the member who is in duty of cooking most of the time. Fans started to call him as EXO’s eomma (mother in Korea).

    Kai: “D.O. is actually in charge of cooking most of the time.”

    • D.O. said that someday he would want to be the hair stylist or fashion designer for EXO, but when he said that, all members answered, “No, thanks”

    • D.O. doesn’t call Chanyeol as “Hyung”, because Chanyeol wants D.O. to be his close friend.

    • D.O. said he is the type who will show his dislike on his face.

    • D.O has one older brother. His name is Do Seungsoo.

    • D.O.’s mother is a dancer and his father is involved in the arts.

    • Chanyeol: “When D.O. first came in the company, the first person he got closest to was me. We got close so fast that it was to the point where on the first day we met, we got on the subway and went home together. When I have worries or have something I need to talk over seriously with someone, I usually talk to D.O. a lot. I also learn a lot about music. We have a lot of memories from when we were trainees. The route home was the same way for D.O. and I, so we would go to Apgujeong station often to eat takoyaki. We have a lot of memories and he is a friend that I can trust and depend on.”

    • D.O. said: “I’m worried that how I treat my fans will change because of sasaengs. They wait in front of dorm, and when I pretend to ignore them and walk past they swear loudly enough for me to hear. When I visit home, I try so hard to try and mislead them somewhere else”

    Baekhyun revealed that D.O. stays in house without his pants on.

    • Chen said D.O. nags about almost everything and that he usually punishes EXO members by hitting them with his fist

    •When D.O nervous, he will forget everything easily.

    • DO enlisted for his mandatory military service on the 1 July, 2019.


  • He's so adorable, Kyungsoo is the kind of person you really want to get to know. He's so talented and so down to earth. He's just my style.

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  • kyungsoo's first vlive being back from enlistment

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