Chart poll. Twice June cb. Place your bets!

  • What will be Twice chart position in Melon? 10

    1. Top3 (2) 20%
    2. Top5 (1) 10%
    3. Top10 (5) 50%
    4. Top20 (1) 10%
    5. Top50 (1) 10%
    6. Top70 (0) 0%
    7. Top100 (0) 0%

    I'm here again kkkk.

    Hi guys! Twice will have a summer cb which means, a super successful or failure cb in s.k. charts. I think they will chart within the top 5 in all charts and possibly reach top1 with caks, racks, Paks, checks kkkk but in this bet let's put just Melon which to me they will reach top3!

    Anyways, i really hope they will be given the right song, with a good vocal tonality for them according to their capacity and boooom, a success.

    Twice is a really great group with great personality which to me is a super advantage to success. I hope JYPE doesn't mess up their cb and please, stop their "copy scandals". They deserve better treatment and budgets.

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