What does the future hold for these scandal-plagued idols? Will any of them make a comeback?

  • Which one of these scandal-plagued idols will make a comeback? 30

    1. Irene (22) 73%
    2. Seolhyun (10) 33%
    3. Soojin (5) 17%
    4. BoA (15) 50%
    5. Chorong (6) 20%
    6. Doyeon (7) 23%
    7. Naeun (0) 0%
    8. Jimin (0) 0%

    RV Irene - she hasn't posted on social media for 6 months since the stylist scandal. The only few times she has been seen since were for the sparse RV group activities and for the premiere of her movie double patty.

    AOA Seolhyun - she tried a comeback after Jimin's bullying scandal, took part on a drama and had a Vogue feature, but then they posted a video and people flooded the comments with mentions of the scandal and they had to delete. She hasn't been seen on social media since march.

    BoA - she hasn't posted on social media since december following her drug smuggling scandal, she was finally spotted back in public with Holland and Uhm Jung Hwa a few days ago.

    (G)I-DLE Soojin - placed on hiatus following her bullying scandal, the group just announced a release without her.

    Apink Chorong - the group is celebrating their 10th anniversary, but even though she's the so-called leader she has remained silent. Pandas and PlayM are defending her but the gp doesn't believe in her anymore.

    Weme Doyeon - caught in a bystander type scandal, she is a close friend to April Naeun, therefore it was dug out she mocked a PD for being bald. Hasn't lost any of her dramas and is trying to go back on social media, but the most liked comments are still about her friendship with Naeun and she dips for 10 days after each post.

    April Naeun and AOA Jimin - this one are obviously never coming back but I wonder if they'll ever show their faces again

  • filledome

    Changed the title of the thread from “What does the future hold for these scandal-plagued idols? Will any of them make a comeback” to “What does the future hold for these scandal-plagued idols? Will any of them make a comeback?”.
    • BoA is known to disappear for months at a time as she is a very private person I feel she will be fine. She was not smuggling heroin or anything horrid, she was bringing her own sleeping medication from her home in Japan and SM staff did not label the packaging correctly which is why there is now an issue, please do not make the woman sound like a drug addict.
    • Soojin's scandal has been proven false and now the company is taking the accusers to court so while she has to go to court they have pulled her from activities to keep her from being overwhelmed it appears.
    • Irene's scandal was overblown, she had one bad day and it was overblown insanely. Y'all complain when idols have poor fitting clothes and when an idol complains about her styling everyone lost their crap.

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  • Irene, maybe. She is absolutely hated in certain Korean boards and by the certain people in the industry.

    I think it 2020 being a total piece of shit to hard working staffies was such a bad out of touch look for celebrity it just made her look like a real pos.

    BUT she did give a seemingly sincere apology and handle it well and won back a lot of public to her side. So I think her maybe.

    Also def Boa.

  • From the way Knetz responded to Soojin not being apart of G-Idle’s next comeback, it seems that her career is already over, and if she doesn’t leave the group, the group’s career might be over in Korea too.

    Jimin is over and done. There’s no way she’ll be back in the industry.

    Irene is fine, koreans like her way too much and her scandal wasn’t as big as Soojin’s and Jimin’s.

    For the rest i don’t know

  • Seolhyun has done nothing wrong.

    I find it ridiculous that she's been clawed into a guilt by association line of thinking.

    Ultimately I think she'll be more or less fine in the drama and modeling sphere after a little time passes.

    Drama and film audiences will probably be less sensitive to/or not care about something as tenuous as "her having a friend who's an alleged bully". The outrage seems largely concentrated in the Kpop sphere. Adults who think of kpop as kids stuff will probably shrug it off after some time.

    Her career as an idol is in all likelihood finished. But with the state of AOA that's expected.

    She may never reach the popularity she once held but I think she can still find a viable career in CFs and acting.

    She'll have to really focus on picking her roles well and managing her acting career. She needs to ensure she does a good job and snags quality dramas/films to the best extent she can.

    That's going to be her lifeline to remain relevant.

  • Doyeon is a close friend but she ain't in no scandal sweetie

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