The Wrap vol.2: Connections, Updates on Limited Edition Badges and more!

  • Welcome back to the 2nd edition of The Wrap - our monthly rundown of forum-wide news. We have several exciting and important things to cover and share so without further ado:

    Guilds NOTICE

    To get it out of the way, let's start off with a quick warning. Because Guild funds are the responsibility of the guild, you should be mindful to donate to a trustworthy and skirmish-free individual. Why? No matter their origins, any akorns of a user who gets permabanned are gone.

    Bans NOTICE

    On the subject of bans, we'd just like to quickly remind you that user bans determined by our moderation staff are a group decision. They are not taken lightly and though it may seem this way on the surface, we never ban for "nothing." The reason for the ban though may include sensitive information that cannot be shared. Please respect that we are trying to build a better environment for the community and doing our best to ensure the forums are a safe place for all.

    K-Lounge v. K-POP Music v. K-News, Gossip & Rumors NOTICE

    AKA The only versus battle that really matters. Consider the subject of your thread if you are confused about where to put it.

    The K-Lounge

    Fun, random topics about K-pop... Keep it light and chill!

    EXAMPLE: "Which K-pop group would you most wish to hang out with?"

    K-POP Music

    Discussions about comebacks, performances, or the music itself...

    EXAMPLE: "What is your dream collab?"

    K-News, Gossip & Rumors

    Discussions on latest news stories, rumors, charting, achievements... Serious topics also belong here.

    EXAMPLE: "BTS Jin no longer expected to begin service this year due to postponement law."

    AKP Red Carpet

    We have our next idol Q&A lined up! The girls of StayC just came back with their single ASAP. On April 23rd KST, they'll be answering your questions, so be sure to get them in soon. The six member group consisting of Sieun, Seeun, Sumin, J, Isa and Yoon will be here in a week!


    In the Shop NEW

    New signed albums are now in the store by some of your favorite idols! TRI.BE, (G)I-DLE and ATEEZ have all recently been added to our collection. Proving that they are quite popular, only 1 ATEEZ signed album is left in the shop at the moment! Check out our shop and get your signed collectible today.

    ★ > SHOP < ★


    We have had The Lexicon, our allkpop version of Wikipedia for idols and groups, up for less than a month, but the growth has been amazing! We'd like to take the time to thank all of you for your contributions. Your hard work is apparent and as such we've expanded it to now include the previously disabled album's category. Great job and a note to remind you:


    The Lexicon is above all else, a group effort - if you want to add anything to an existing lexicon, even if you are not the original article poster, it is completely ok! If we want the most information possible, we need to make this a team effort.

    For an example, just-a-melon personally made SHINee's Lucifer titled as Amigo, to see if anyone would change it. If you see anything like that and are not comfortable changing it yourself - contact just-a-melon or quarkie. They would be happy to work with you to fix anything!

    Connections NEW

    Yup, we brought it back! And not just marriage, even more! Introducing ⚭ Connections, a way to show your connection to one very special user - be that yourself or another awesome user - with one of the many tokens available for just this purpose. Now, covering so many relationship types and not just marriage makes it a bit more complicated, but we've created an FAQ to guide you through the process!

    Here are the basics though: In the shop you will find a category called ⚭ Connections listed out to the right. In it, there are 4 tiers of tokens at various pricing levels and also an option the end a relationship if it comes to that. You and your chosen partner can mix and match tokens from any tier you buy - you do not have to choose the same one (though matching is a thing too!). Be aware though, if you want to marry yourself, only a purchase from tier 3 will work. Just hit purchase and we will walk you through the rest!

    A Visual on Connection Tokens

    Tier 1 Tier 2
    Tier 3 Tier 4

    ★ > FAQ < ★

    Limited Badges

    We've been having a lot of fun creating these. Our limited badges celebrating Baekhyun's 3rd solo album Bambi sold out even before their end date. Seriously, congrats to everyone who snagged one of these. We also covered BTS' Grammy nomination and performance, IU's Lilac and Rosé's debut with On The Ground.

    With the demand and successes we've seen, we are definitely planning more with those numbers in mind**. So yup, let's do it again sometime real soon. *cough* I have a feeling these coming weeks will be very busy! For me. And akorn farming.


    *exotics, stop tagging me about this ;-):* I KNOW!!!

    * :-D ARMY, you also know what to do 8o

    April Fool's Day

    This one cannot go unmentioned, we played an epic prank on the forum by playing along and then doing one better than our very own selfmate. In a very timely manner, we were pinged about this which was good cause we had been planning to do it with or without him. Having him in on the joke was VASTLY better though. THE BETRAYAL!!!!!

    In honor of that epic affair, we created commemorative badges - with our April Fool's day badges being the first. If anyone is still wondering by the way, the k-drama “startup” is depicted in the badges.

    trophyImage-619.gif trophyImage-620.gif


    Colors NEW

    By popular demand, we've added more colors for use as usernames, user title background colors and AllKill banners. We are hoping to add them as background options for our AllKilll VIPs soon!

    ██ Aqua

    ██ Bluebird

    ██ Bubblegum

    ██ Evergreen

    ██ Fire Red

    ██ Magenta

    ██ Royal

    ██ Ultraviolet


    Emblems NEW

    We've been hard at work here! With the popularity of our black and white options, we've added more to help round things out. Last, but not least, spring has decidedly sprung and inspired our new line of delicate floral and fun emblems!


    From left to right

    Row 1: Concentric Circles, Strength, Soar, Confetti

    Row 2: Heartsong, Dreamcatcher, Pointed, Pierce


    From left to right

    Row 1: Delicate, Shiny, Glitter

    Row 2: Lilac, Splatter, Speckled

    AllKill Banners NEW:

    Taking into account all the feedback we had been getting, we decided to streamline the look of the AllKill Banner while also adding expanded color options to match our AllKill official colors, solid options for badges and usernames and also our available gradients. Below are just a sampling. Play around, they're fun!

    From left to right: Silver, Juicy Melon, Shy Bean and Royal Legends


    AllKill Backgrounds NEW

    We've added four new backgrounds as well for more selection!

    From left to right: Constellation, Hearts, Arrowheads and Honeycomb


    Alright, ciao until next month!!


  • good work and nice summary as always

    time to make new threads on

    which groups you would like to hang out with

    dream collab


    BTS Jin no longer expected to begin service this year due to postponement law

  • It's too loud.

    I suggest just using the base silver then, with nothing else. That is probably the most neutral for now. I'm guessing you became AllKill just to get rid of ads then? We definitely take AllKill requests into account, so let me talk to staff and we can work together on this. Thank you for your feedback!

  • just wanna say the allkill benefits are amazing for $5 per month <3 KEEPING MY SUBSCRIPTION~


    SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT!! We place a lot of importance on making sure our AllKill offering is a something people feel they are getting their money's worth with. Any suggestions you have of things you would like to see are always welcome!

  • No matter their origins, any akorns of a user who gets permabanned are gone.


    ¸.··.¸¸.·¯ ¯·.¸¸.··.¸

    57d31c109156df116d4bbae383220862af866cd5.gifv d32703ca745288a0e9b7de46018975297baa584c.gifv 641a6f69b3d531ef1b08c94a912ad3c0ca7c2aa5.gifv

  • Thanks for your time and effort


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