Do you think that Big 3 privilege gets in the minds of idols?

  • i think there are a few or very few idols. the only instance i saw or heard of this was lay's speech in mama 2016 which was shocked me because it was kinda cocky.

    “In China there’s a saying that the Yangtze River’s back waves will push off the waves in front. I hope EXO will prove this saying to be false and forever stand at the top of the highest mountain.”

  • with the bigbang situation, i totally agree.. i never knew about them until much later and seungri's scandal and it baffled me how they got away with it.. i also think it could be a reason why irene acted out the way she did (im referring to her misbehavior controversy.) and also wendy's racism controversy which no one talks about and the black community still hasn't gotten an apology for. (no hate towards them tho)

    but i also think idols could also see this as a reason to stay in line because they're at a big company and don't want to taint their group's or their company's image.

  • Nct 127 have a song where they mention their privilige, so they def think about it.

    SM Idol, you’re wrong, there’s not as much of a compromise as you think, you might wanna be me though but you guys are weaker than you think

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    And last year doyoung said they were now able to dream much higher then before, like before they always had to lower their expectations.

  • these idols probably auditioned for many agencies before they ended up there except for those who were scouted... sure they have their own hardships within the bubble but they would def know the privilege they hold over idols from smaller companies as even in variety shows, their agency gets mentioned and talked about like oh u have a SM face, your vibe is exactly yg etc.,. their companies are so well known, there is no way they are not gg to get attention just for debuting.... even rookies get immediately popular..

  • idgt like so he is bragging about being a SM idol?

  • I remember once watching a behind the scenes video from one SMTown concert and NCT members talked about how grateful they're to older SM artists who made it possible for them to stand in such a big stage, so they do recognise their company privilege.

    And I guess many idols wish to have had that kind of privilege. I remember when the SM c&c x Woolim merge happened, one of the Lovelyz members went on a show and said "I'm an SM girl too". It was obvious that she considered being under SM akin to an honor, something to aspire to be and she wanted to be recognised as such albeit indirectly. Unfortunately she was dragged through filth by salty Infinite fans who considered stanning a group from a small company to be a personality trait and were infinitely salty about the merger.

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