How would you manage the rest of BlackPink’s contract?

  • if you were in charge of blackpinks career for the rest of their contract, how would it go? what would your plans be?

    so this is from q2 2021 - q3 2023, after that you get replaced or something idk

    you can quote this to copy the format i used!

  • I completely agree with all of these, maybe a few more full studio albums and a world tour.

  • Only 2021 and early 2022


    - Jennie fixed guest in a variety show for the rest of the year

    - Rosé promoting through april/early may in both variety shows and some music shows

    - Lisa single album (3 songs, 2 solos and 1 duet with Jennie) and solo debut in middle june with promo through july

    - The Album japanese version in late may/early june with 1 new japanese song + japanese mvs for KTL, LSG, HYLT and the new japanese songs


    - Snowdrop release with Jisoo being able to promote it as long as she wants

    - Early/middle august prelease for ot4 comeback with the comeback stage being in a western late night show and only 1 stage for inkigayo

    - 3rd mini with 6-7 songs for late september with 2 songs being promoted in music shows plus the prerelease

    - If any invitation for a western award shows ocurrs, let the girls go virtually


    - Promoting through all october in variety shows and music shows

    - Chaesoo doing some small acting activities like cameos or secondary roles during november/december

    - 1 award show or 1 gayo appearance (either MAMA or SBS) or another virtual concert in late december

    - Lisa fixed as a judge for another reality in either China, Thailand or Japan

    Q1 2022

    - Jisoo solo debut during january with a single album (3 songs)

    - Jennie comeback with a 2nd single album in january ( 3 songs)

    - Rosé multiple osts

    - Lisa 3rd photobook

    Q2 2022

    - Rosé comeback in april with a 2nd single album (3 songs)

    - Jisoo another drama as a main lead

    - OT4 comeback with a pre release single in june for the 2nd full album

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