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    selfmate to prove you that I read the completely thread I will summaries everything I learn about you.

    Selfmate Basic Info

    Name: Selfmate

    High: 167 cm

    Age: 36

    Nationality: Chinese- Australian

    Family: Wife and a Son 3 years old

    Selfmate and Music

    When he was young he often listen to Classic Chinese Music that his Parents liked. Later when he got older he start to listen to Cpop and Mpop (Selfmate can you tell me the different between Cpop and Mpop I thought it is the same) He was quit a big fan of 4 heavenly kings and also Kelly Lim, Gigi Leung, Sammi Cheng.

    But latter he got into Rap and Eminem is his all time favourite Artist because his Music means so much to him and this have special reason later more. And his all time favourite Song of him is Stan

    2 years ago he got into Kpop

    The Song who got him into Kpop was BlackPink Dududu when he saw the MV he was impressive how beautiful and talented the girls was. But Jisoo was the one he like the most and she still his Ulti bias

    Her Absolutely stunning Visual get his interstate but later he found out that her personally was so bright and fun that he likes her even more and beside of that Jisoo also can sing and lowkey rap.

    He especially likes groups who was nobody and reach everything on their own Potential so like groups like BTS and BlackPink or like IU.

    Selfmate Past

    When the young Selfmate comes to Australia the only English word he know was Gameboy because his Mother bought him the Classic Gameboy with tetris back then. So when his Parents sign him for a Local Primary School but because he don't speak english back then they want them to attend Language School but his parents was against this because the Language School was to far away. So the principal Mr. Henderson made a deal with his parents if the little Selfmate learn English in 3 month he don't need attend the language school. At School Mr. Henderson teach Selfmate english with flash card and Pictures. At home his Parents would do the same. So with the help of his Parent and Mr. Henderson he able to learn English in just one Month (Wow this is Impressive) But Primary School wasn't easy for the little Selfmate because he was the only Chinese in his Cool he got build a lot. He got into a lots of fights but the physical assault was not the thing that hurt him the most it was the Emotional scar that they gave him. This gone so far that he even had I had suicidal thoughts, At this trying times he got into Rap and Eminem help him a lot thought this time. Till today Eminem's Songs means so much to him. This is why Eminem his is absolutely favorite Artist. When he meet him on one of his concert this was one of his fulfilling moments in his life. Luckily this bully stop when he got into Highschool and was not the only Chinese at the school. Even though all this bully was curell all this make him stronger it gave him his most important Character traits he have today Resilience. This is why he like groups like BTS and BlackPink because they are Resilience.

    Selfmate the Sportsman.

    Selfmate likes to play basketball and for his high of 167cm he is a avid Basket player. His all time favourite player is Michael Jordan and he currently likes Havale McGee. His Favorite Teams are the Golden State and Lakers. Besides Basketball he likes Tennis but don't really have the stamina for it. He also used to play Australian Rules Football and cricket and also Football but prefer to be the goalkeeper. But actually he can enjoy any Team sports with a ball.

    Selfmate and his Movies

    He really likes the MCU Movies His Favorite one was Infinity War and his favorite Chinese movie is "Fly me to Polaris" he really likes the song of the Movie but his all time favorite movie is jerry Maguire. Selfmate prefer Movie Genre are sci-fi, fantasy and action movies since he is a really dude. So he likes the classic like LOTR, Terminator and Star Wars. Rom Com are okay for him and He don't really like Horror Movies .

    He also Love the movies from studio Ghibli and watch nearly all movies from them. His favorite is Laputa - Castle in the Sky. He watch the movie before coming to Australia. Hayao Miyazaki is a real legend for him. The first Anime he watch was Akira the Movie.

    Selfmate the Gamer

    He play all kinds of game board games, cards, Computer Games.

    For Computer Games he prefer strategy like warcraft, starcraft, AOE and also RPGS like baldur's gate. He also used to play Lol. But he don't really like action or first person shooters.

    For Board Games he plays Mahjong, and all kind of Chess games like Army Chess, Chinese Chess (this was the first game he learn from his grandfather), Army Chess and Classic Chess which he even play competitive back then.

    For Card Games he play Poker but he prefer to be the dealer. But back then also play Card game like Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh and still have a huge collection at his Parents House. His rarres card is the first edition holo Charizard which is worth a lot of money.

    Selfmate the Reader

    His all time favourite book is Sun Tzu'a Art of War. Beside that he also read books like

    Machevalli's the Prince, Von Clauzuwitz's On War. He like books on strategy and business.

    And also really enjoy Fantasy Books like LOTR, Harry Potter, A song of fire and ice, dragonLance, Forgotten Realms. And he likes books like Dale Carnegie 7 habits of highly effective people, getting to yes.

    or books about successful people like Obama and Lance Armstrong,

    Selfmate and Food

    He can eat all kinds of food. He even once eat dog and water cockroach

    But His favourite foods are Mooncakes, lychees, Longans, all types of seafood (especially Lobster) and Sachima. ( We have a similar food taste Selfmate )

    He don't really like bitter food like Coffee and Bitter Melon

    Selfmate and his Love for Alcohol

    Selfmate don't like to drink or can't drink Alcohol. Only after 1 glass of wine he get really red . Also he usually get tipsy after one shot. Selfmate just come after his Parents who are also light/non Drinkers. But surprisingly 4 years ago when he drink Sake in China his Body was fine. His worst experience with Alcohol was when one of his friend invited him for lunch. Selfmate had two glass of white wine to the seafood pasta his friend made when he got home he vomited and one the next the he had a big hungover.

    Selfmate the Housman

    He prefer to do the Laundry or Washing the dishes and the gardening work but he absolute hate doing Vacuuming and Sweeping.

    Selfmate the Philosophy

    Selfemate likes to debate about philosophical and questions about morality and humanity.

    For example would you save one innocent person over 5 guilty people. Also he likes to talk about

    ethics and business and politics and religion but he only likes about this with the right persons. He find it fascinating how history repeats itself like how people continuously repeat the mistakes from the past.

    Selfmate and his Personality

    He is not someone who shows his emotion or is not very emotional. He don't get really truly happy or very sad. His emotion are very stable.

    He is happy go lucky kind of person and it's nearly impossible to get him angry if he have enough he will just leave or just agree for sake of it.

    Selfmate Man of culture

    Even he his a Chinese Australian he consider himself more Chinese the Australian. Even thought his English is better than his Chinese he speak Chinese with his Parents and his family he Speak Chinese. His Chinese heritage is really important for him likes his family values, culture, food, Confucianism believes. He want to pass his Chinese Heritage through to his Son and future children because he saw so many Children who lost their connection to the Chinese Heritage

    Selfmate the Family Man

    Today Selfmate is married for 5 years now and have a wonderful 3 years old son. He is very smart and likes to dance to Kpop and he had the Visual to be an Idol.

    Family play a important role for him and he values his a lot. His Family was always there for him and he is always thankful for them and he want give it back to them. Family really means everything to him and he don't want imagine what he would do without his family. Even though he think it's sad that there are family that broken up he understand there sometimes no other way. This is why he don't like when People rush to fast into long term relationships without thinking about the Family. People who put themselves over the Family make him sick. Blood is thicker than water for Selfmate.

    Selfmate Fun Facts

    He collect letter opener

    On Feb 8th 2021 his first Thread was close and he don't know if he should be happy or sad about it

    He once hangout on TXT Guild and found a TXT song her really likes and it is Everlasting SHinee from TXT

    He make fun of his own height and hopes his son don't be so short like him

  • TRI

    From my favourite book Sun Tzu's art of war

    My favourite quote is

    Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy, 1000 battles, 1000 victories

    Whilst Sun Tzu may have been talking about victories in military warfare much of that can be aspired to everyday life

    Know thyself is the knowledge of who you are as a person...if you cannot know who you yourself are then there is no possibility of others getting to know you or progressing further...

    the enemy in know thy enemy was traditionally the enemy in warfare but nowadays refers to the "other" whether your studies, your teacher, your company, the job interview, your company's competitor, a rival politician, another country...etc

    basically anyone who is not you is an enemy...

    1000 battles 1000 victories basically means you will win everything once you have obtained such knowledge.

  • selfmate this post should be copy-pasted if you ever plan to or somebody else makes an appreciation thread for you :claps:

  • TRI:


    I don't like religions but have nothing against the belief of a god(s)

    I'm agnostic in that I don't know if there is a god or not...

    I believe that it is impossible to prove or disprove the existence of god so such questions become moot...

    The only way one can prove it is after death if he exists or not and to date there have been no records of people coming back from the dead claiming that god exists.

    Now in terms of religion I believe that religion has done more bad than good so religions are a taint in human history - the belief in god is a personal one and people should be able to believe in whatever they want but history has shown us that religions create more problems than answers...

  • TRI

    I've had one close brush with death in my life

    Firstly when i was young around 10-11 I was riding a bike that used back breaks instead of handbrakes (old bike cos I'm an old dude)

    so I was going down a hill at top speed since I was young and dumb and failed to stop at an intersection...and the intersection there was a stop sign...the intersecting road normally had a lot of cars but for some when i passed there was absolutely no cars at that moment thus I was not hit and probably would have died...instead I went though the intersection at top speed and slammed into a brick wall about 10/20 meters from the intersection...

    When i got up i was a bit dazed only to see my mother who was with me gliding gently down the hill as one should have then shouting at me for being an idiot...

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