iKON is extremely underrated,underappreciated and ignored by ifans

  • Idk I feel like international kpop fans don't know or don't mention iKON other than B.I or Love Scenario which sucks because they are truly amazing their discography is so good, they have hype songs, chill songs, sad songs, vibing songs, twerk songs and so much more. They're complete package in term of everything.

    The members skills aren't really talked about (and i think people dont really know who is iKON member other than BI and Bobby. Ju-ne has such an amazing voice, Jay is such an all rounder it's fucking unbelievable, DK is such a good dancer and has a sweet voice, Song is such a passionate performer and really cares for his fans, Chan is such a sweetheart and deserves more love.

    B.I is more than his scandal, he literally wrote and composed almost every iKON song and has helped other producers such as Teddy and Epik High

    Bobby is such an amazing rapper and he isn't such a rough rapper, many people say that Bobby's rap is to rough and try hard but that just shows me that ya'll havent listened to Love and Fall, Bobby's solo album which he was a part of writing and composing. Like that album is a no skip album.

    And iKON are amazing performers with a lot of charismas, I suggest watching some of their concert performances or searching up their Heroes of the Remix performances, i-fans never talk about how good they are at performing but they really are top tier and have been top tier since debut.

    and they are not nugu, not one hit wonder and whatever u want to call it . They have 2 national hit and decent hit . they didnt chart well with DIVE and Bling2 only but kpoppies act like they dead and over. I really hope iKON will do well on their next comeback and slay the chart.

  • yep exactly.. i've always said they are one of the most well rounded groups in the industry.. Donghyuk is severely underrated as a main dancer!! every voice is so distinguishable with June still sticking out of this bunch. As a group they are probably one of the best dance groups as well and everyone could work their way up into lead vocal levels except double B of course but even they have their own beautiful singing colors especially Bobbys rock voice hahahha

    i guess its sad to say but double B are the only recognized things about iKon

  • An opinion of mine but I'm sure many gonna jump on me

    iKON deserve the promotion Winner has imo, acting,variety and such

    They stop trying in 2017, and when LS dropped they are too focused on promoting their songs and have 3 cb a year when they can just branch out for solo activity

    How I hope they are not being slept on , they have so many potential

    and that stinky ass YG doesn't deserve them. How I hope they don't renew their contract and go to PSY instead, considering they have worked together in the past

    Anyways don't sleep on this PURE ART, I might not be the biggest fan of them but they are so good



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  • I was staninng them but slowly lost interest as they have very little content to follow and they don't have platforms to show their abilities. Fault of yg imo. Also i wonder how they will continue as BI was the one composing everything.

  • I am an i-fan and I love Love Scenario.

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