What happened to the ARMY guild previously? Why did it get disbanded?

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  • "Guild drama" is not revealed to the public. The Plastics guild was forcibly disbanded because what they did was criminal. It was made public because it was affecting others. Our thread was an effort to protect users and inform them of what had been going on. We even changed the rules to reflect this. Had their conflict been internal and affecting them only, you can be assured it would not have been revealed.

    The Guild for Healing, in contrast, was not forcibly disbanded. The reason behind its disbandment is none of your business and no one else's either. It was a personal matter not even remotely close to the aforementioned guild.

    Furthermore, calling what the Plastics did merely "guild drama" is appalling. You've read the thread, I know you have, you were very vocal in it. To imply it was just "guild drama" seems like an effort to minimize the seriousness of what occurred. Then, to repeatedly bring up another instance of what you call "guild drama" as if in comparison is highly offensive and inflammatory.

    Stop trying to make this into ARMY vs BLINK. This has nothing to do with FANDOMS, but addressing criminal acts by several individuals who all happened to be in the same guild.

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