G.SANTOS + M.GUO = Persecution ??? ; (USA House Rep.) = *ARRESTED* (Prison?) ; 'Team Scam NYC' ??? ; 2023.05.13

  • dailymail.co.uk/Santos-Guo-arrest-persecution

    GEORGE SANTOS = Federal Fraud Arrest is

    because he defended MILES GUO ? ; 2023.05.12

    archive.today/jgCCR ... (NYTimes)


    Who Happened to Trade in Politics ; 2023.05.11
    In federal prosecutors’ eyes, Mr. SANTOS is
    a GRIFTER with a taste for fame and designer goods,
    willing to lie and defraud donors to get ahead.


    Lies, Charges and Questions Remaining

    in the GEORGE SANTOS Scandal ; 2023.05.13

    Observation -->

    GEORGE SANTOS = *TRUMP TRASH* Morality (to me).


    USA (NY) House Rep. GEORGE SANTOS (USA Federal Criminal) Charged
    (Arrested) with Money Laundering, Fraud, Theft ; 2023.05.10

    (SANTOS is *JAIL RELEASED* now by JUDGE on $500,000 USD BOND.)


    GEORGE SANTOS = New 'Mission' = Freeing an Accused Fraudster

    (MILES GUO) Who Tried to Overturn the 2020 Election ; 2023.05.10

    *** Begin Quote ***

    GUO, who also uses the name MILES GUO, is a longtime patron and professional partner of STEVE BANNON (DONALD TRUMP buddy = PREZ PARDONED him). And Bannon’s allies in places like the fanatical New York Young Republicans Club are also big SANTOS backers. These ties likely explain how SANTOS showed up Friday (May 5th) at a cavernous, sparsely furnished Mahwah, NJ, mansion to tacitly back GUO supporters' kooky conspiracy theory that their leader has been framed by the FBI at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party. The interview was broadcast on a program that GUO followers regularly share on GETTR, a right-leaning social media app over which, as Mother Jones has reported, GUO has exercised control.

    *** End Quote ***

    Observation -->

    That (Arrested Now) USA HOUSE Rep. (NY) GEORGE SANTOS was present just LAST WEEK (May 5th = Friday) attending a MEETING in support of MILES GUO , to me , seems fairly STUNNING ... 'Mother Jones' Article speaks for itself.


    GEORGE SANTOS pleads *not* guilty to stealing from campaign,

    duping donors, lying to Congress ; 2023.05.10


    GEORGE SANTOS Lies Finally Catch Up With Him

    in Stunning Indictment ; 2023.05.10

    Observation -->

    SANTOS is *JAIL RELEASED* now by JUDGE on $500,000 USD BOND.

    These Arrest Charges are *significant* in possible PRISON time
    duration punishment ... And GEORGE SANTOS has lived in BRAZIL ...
    I would argue that SANTOS is a *flight risk* to leave the USA.
    Beyond that , SANTOS has been *chattering* in a *Public* manner
    that makes a *mockery* of the USA Political System (Congress).
    I would *guess* that SANTOS has some very significant
    and *real* ENEMIES in the USA Justice System now.

    archive.today/t5Joz ... (NYTimes)

    These Are the Charges Against GEORGE SANTOS ; 2023.05.10

    In a wide-ranging indictment unsealed on Wednesday,

    (USA) *Federal Prosecutors* charged (Arrested)

    USA House Rep. (NY) GEORGE SANTOS with 13 counts

    (So , 13 Criminal Event Activities are alleged)


    USA House Rep. GEORGE SANTOS (NY) ; 2023.05.10

    (TRUMP Party) *USA Federal Criminal Arrested*

    *** Begin Conclusion Quote ***

    Last month, Mr. Santos announced he would seek re-election. “I’m not going anywhere,” he later told a group of Republicans at an event in Washington (DC).

    “You’re going to have to drag my dead, cold body out of this institution.”

    *** End Conclusion Quote ***

    Observation -->

    GEORGE SANTOS = *FIGHTING* !!! ... :wink:

    For Truth , Justice , and , The TRUMP WAY ??? ... :watt:



    (Mulligans at Mar-a-Lago Golf Club , anyone ???)

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    A couple of 'Pro Writers' have made the observation that

    GEORGE SANTOS would very *likely* be FAR BETTER OFF (now)

    IF that he had LOST his election (Year 2022) for USA HOUSE or Reps (NY).

    Instead , as 'winner' , SANTOS attracts all this investigative *ATTENTION*

    from USA News Media ... A *lot* of IRONY in the current GEORGE SANTOS

    *Arrested Now* situation ... IF that SANTOS had *lost* his election ...

    SANTOS *might* have been able to just 'close out' the bank accounts

    with the POLITICAL CONTRIBUTION MONEY in them , and JET off

    to live in say BRAZIL (again) ... SANTOS might have lived in BRAZIL

    as the (USA Military Scam) *FAT LEONARD* of USA POLITICS ??? ... :suure:


    FAT LEONARD (Francis) is currently held in VENEZUELA as Prisoner.

    VEN Ruler Tyrant MADURO wants to *trade* him to USA for 'value' ...

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    Changed the title of the thread from “TIGER WOODS (Credit) <-- Owns Up to Speeding (86 MPH with 45 MPH Limit) ; 2021.04.07” to “SANTOS (USA House Rep.) = *Federal Criminal Charges* SOON (Wed.) ??? ; 2023.05.10”.
  • forum.allkpop.com/thread/?postID=606096

    Click for TOP Message this Thread ; Update:

    GEORGE SANTOS = Now ARRESTED ; Stay Tuned!

    HUNTER BIDEN is *not* Joe Biden (see message below) ...
    HUNTER BIDEN (Laptop) = the latest *meaningless* 'TRUMP Rant' ???

    Hunter Biden does *not* hold Elected Office (Voting) = GEORGE SANTOS

    Hunter Biden is *not* ARRESTED (Criminal Charged) = G.SANTOS + M.GUO

    Hunter Biden seems *not* much of a 'Political Issue' (to me) at this point.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “SANTOS (USA House Rep.) = *Federal Criminal Charges* SOON (Wed.) ??? ; 2023.05.10” to “G.SANTOS + M.GUO = Persecution ??? ; (USA House Rep.) = *ARRESTED* (Prison?) ; 'Team Scam NYC' ??? ; 2023.05.12”.
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    Changed the title of the thread from “G.SANTOS + M.GUO = Persecution ??? ; (USA House Rep.) = *ARRESTED* (Prison?) ; 'Team Scam NYC' ??? ; 2023.05.12” to “G.SANTOS + M.GUO = Persecution ??? ; (USA House Rep.) = *ARRESTED* (Prison?) ; 'Team Scam NYC' ??? ; 2023.05.13”.

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