Izone love story + carrer in futur (unnie line)by kpop psychic

  • EunBi Libra:

    Current love life: There is someone she trusts and builds trust with, It also can be that the Universe is testing her to trust herself. Her thoughts and feelings towards her person represent the 5 of waters; which means that she is feeling disappointed and sad about the things that have been done. It just didn’t go as planned and she might focus. she might feel guilty or regret about it but i feel it is not a major issue because. The 5 of cups is not the end of the world, it also asks you to see and open your eyes for the things that you have. To focus on the 2 cups that stand upright. The person’s feelings and thoughts represent the 5 of earth. (There is a lot of 5 in the energy. (That means things or situations are shifting/changing, chaos, the half of the cycle.) back to the energy of her person. The 5 of earth made me feel like he is pushing her away or letting himself left in the cold or her. He worries and is insecure about himself and his finances and career. It feels like he left her hanging for a moment not on purpose but more because he doesn’t want her to be involved with his insecurities. Eunbi reacted disappointed about this and felt he was unrequited, by the sentence: ¨ẄHY DID YOU NOT ANSWER?¨. Her person also might deal with some family issues. Which he is hiding from her. The energy in between her and him is 10 of Earth. happy home, fulfillment in career and finances, a completion for an ideal household, They both see each other as long term in this commitment and they wanna go for a happy, secure, marriage, home, and family life.

    What will she do after Izone:

    She might not know yet what she wants to do. she is indecisive, she might be avoiding because she is not ready. She takes her time to recover and heal, But I also see some good news for her about an opportunity, like a new beginning of a passionate offer. Maybe from a new agency. She will see the truth of her confused time and open for new visions and clarity. She needs to take a time off and she will be able go with the flow. I see her embracing the new cycle of her career path. I do see her moving forward in the entertainment industry but she also needs to let go and flow with the wave.

    Sakura Pisces:

    Current love life: What I see for her is that she is seeing someone, her energy feels passionate with the 3 of fire, and it seems like she is gonna make future plans for this relationship. She might want to move very quickly and impulsively. Because she is really feeling great about this. The king of waters about her feelings and thoughts towards her person: She has deep emotions and feelings for him. The person in her life might be someone who is trustworthy, full of compassion, respectful and very polite. Someone who is emotionally mature. He is practical and is more a slower energy in this loving process of Sakura´s love journey. Her personal feelings towards Sakura are the 10 of Earth. Which means he is seeing her as the end game. Long Term commitment, home, having a family, marriage, abundance and materialistic fulfillment. They see both of each other as the person they want to marry in the future. It really feels like a special soulmate connection, and it’s worth waiting for.

    What will she do after Izone:

    she will move forward, even with the sadness and isolation. She will move forward and confront and reflect what she wants to do. She might have worries and hesitate for a new beginning, a new change seems scary but I see solutions that will end all the sadness from the past experiences. There is a new potential for her, a new beginning for her in the entertainment industry. She will assist and join a new contract/commitment. a new project? that will be the new focus. Someone is mentoring her or teaching her.

    Hyewon Cancer:

    Her energy towards her love life is: the Knight of fire and the Knight of Air. Which makes me feel she is dealing with 2 people. (third party). She represents herself as the Knight of pentacles that is her feelings and thoughts to her love life. Which means that she is lowkey, slow but steady, taking her time, friendly, getting to know, loyal. The third party situation tells me that the air person could be a friend and that he might see Hyewon as a potential love interest. While she is with the fire person. The fire person is getting his way and Hyewon will not easily be stolen by him. Someone in this connection could also be wearing a mask, and might not show his or her true selves to their counterpart. They share chemistry.

    I have a feeling that she will continue to be an idol, but that her career will be short-term. She will find an agency who is equal and a moment to let her shine for a while. But doubt that her idol life in the long term will be shorter than we had expected. but it might be the end. It will be sad and painfull. But there are still things that have been unfinished for her.

    Yena Libra:

    Her energy towards her love life is number 5, oneness aka (The hermit). Which means that she might not be physically with the person, but she is emotionally or spiritually connected with her person. She is thinking about him and she is reflecting and looking for clarity. She is connected and oneness with the Divine and connected with her lover. (with the 5 of earth) She might feel anxious and left out in the cold, or she has to push herself away. because she might have been apart with her person for a longtime due to promotions and work related. It caused insecurities within their commitment. (Her person’s feelings and thoughts are 9 of water. which says that he is seeing her as her wish fulfillment and everything that he wants. He sees her as a wife material. They still have to learn each other in a deeper way… and important for Yena to stay positive in her connection. They share both passions in the connection.

    A new beginning, taking the leap of faith, risk taker, She is quick and impulsive she will transfer quickly to a new start. I see her joining a new idol group.

    Chaeyeon Capricorn:

    What I see for her is that she might not be in a relationship or dating, she might be in contact with a new person. She might dream about a relationship or materialistic commitment. She feels positive about it, I also see this is just the beginning of a new connection, she is flirting with him and vice versa. but there is perception going on. someone is not really showing their true selves and the reason could be many factors. But they will meet each other very soon and explore an exciting experience.

    What will she do after izone:

    Yes, it feels like she will continue working hard as an idol, creating a beautiful ending for her new chapter. She will be happy and fulfilled. getting a well-deserved reward. I see her blossom and come back as an idol. or in entertainment.

    Chaewon Leo:

    What I sense is that she might be in contact with a person from her workplace, (the same company as starship entertainment) They work well with another and they know each other for some time. It feels comfortable. They think about each other. but they are not having enough quality time. The block will move away, they will move forward from something that didn’t serve them. Difficult situation will be gone and they will have to travel to see each other soon.

    I see singing OST songs, and doing solo projects but also try acting. She is an allrounder and I see new projects coming for her.

    This is not me but psychologic so she is analysed the people

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