SEUNGRI <-- Trial Witnesses Claim S.K Police *Altered* their Statements ; 2021.03.26


    Another Witness denied Seungri's involvement and said

    that Police Fabricated Her Statement

    (AKP *User* Authored Article , so *not* AKP Staff ; 2021.03.26)

    (Trolling = AKP STAFF was busy on a 'breaking' BOB HAIRCUT story) ... ;)

    My *Poor* previous Translation (same Article) ...

    But *Observations* remain valid (my view).

    So , supposedly , the above TOP URL says that a WITNESS at SEUNGRI's (Military) TRIAL , claims that her *statements* to POLICE were *altered* in meaningful and misleading ways ... Which , WHY am I NOT SURPRISED ... S.KOREA Law Enforcement (POLICE) is a *DISGRACE* in my view ... The notion that SEUNGRI is some sort of GREAT GATSBY of S.K *PIMPS* (Prostitution 'Helper') , is (my view) a COMPLETE JOKE ... IF that SEUNGRI is the (supposed) 'BIG PIMP' in S.KOREA that POLICE can find , to try and PROSECUTE (CRIMINAL TRIAL) , they are *NOT* searching very hard.

    Also , SEUNGRI's *Business Partner* in YURI HOLDINGS Firm , YOO IN SUK , has *already* plead (CIVILIAN CRIMINAL COURT) as *GUILTY* of being a Criminal PIMP ... And YOO IN SUK will do (drum roll) *ZERO JAIL TIME* as a result ... He pays some MONEY FINE like $10,000 and gets 2 Years Court Probation ??? ... S.KOREA Legal System is a COMPLETE JOKE ... And the longer that the SEUNGRI Military Criminal Trial continues , the *BIGGER JOKE* that S.KOREA is (my view).

    But okay , I am *convinced* that SEUNGRI is *Creepy and Clue(less)* ... The CCTV *Video* of SEUNGRI and YANG HYUN SUK (ex-CEO of YGe Agency = BlackPink Group) with the BOUNCER / GANGSTERS (?) was impressive ... As though it even matters anymore ... (Trolling for LOLs) ... Catch the new K-Drama titled -->

    'Creepy and Clue(less) at the Burning Sun Club (The Great Gatsby SEUNGRI Story)' ... Coming to a *HIGH MORALITY* TV Screen in S.Korea Soon ...

    As closing observation , would *enjoy* to see JAPAN 'find a way' to have BIG BANG Group (member T.O.P = Marijuana Criminal Record) *enter* (VISA ???) and perform in a JAPAN DOME CONCERT ... JAPAN is 'big' on their notions of *HIGH MORALITY* ... So , here , me , *always* ENJOY to see JAPAN define themselves as the *incredible hypocrites* that they are (my view) ... For over 10 Years , JAPAN *refused* to allow ROLLING STONES (U.K Pop Music) to enter (VISA) and perform in JAPAN , due to Illegal MARIJUANA Criminal Record for them ... But , for BIG BANG Group , let's have a S.K *BLUE HOUSE PETITION* that they get their JAPAN VISA(s) to enter JAPAN and perform ... ;)

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