Musels are a pain in the ass

  • Bought 1KG musels for fun cause I love canned musels in tomatosauce and the big pack of musels was on sale. Bruh it's a pain in the ass to sort 50 lil musels by washing them and than seeing if they close and who dosn't closes has to be trown away. I have to repeat it at the end too when they finished cooking. The musels who are not opening while cooking have to be trown away ...

    What a actuall pain in the ass

    Do you cooked musels before ?

  • Yes. A lot of times as it is a local dish.

    I don't know what type of mussels you have there but what we do is soak them in water first for 10 - 20 minutes. They would expel any sand they have inside their shells. It would also open some of those closed shell mussels. Some say soak them in cold water and lightly tap them so they would open but I haven't tried that.

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