Should I REALLY become a K-pop idol?

  • Hi. I am a 13-year-old, and I am currently working on my YT channel. However, I'm afraid my channel might fail, so one of my fallback plans is to audition and maybe become an idol. However, meet little to no requirements to become an idol. I have no acting skills, singing, dancing, rapping, etc. I know you need lots of skills to become an idol. However, I feel like I might have a bit more time to develop those skills. Remember, I am 13 years old. If you think I have the potential to become an idol, please tell me what I need to do to fulfill the requirements. If not, then just say it.

  • Not sure about k-pop idol since there isn’t a lot of info to based this answer on... but heck, if you want to join the music/acting industry, then it technically doesn’t matter how old you are to get into an agency. You just got to train and practice.... and research how you are going to get in. Set more specific goals, and set attainable plans on how you are going to accomplish them.

    "무중력으로 다시 수면으로 떠오를 때, 나는 다른 사람이되는 상상을한다" - 쿠사나기 모토코 (1995)

  • YT is a good start. I’m pretty sure that’s how Eric Nam was able get signed

    "무중력으로 다시 수면으로 떠오를 때, 나는 다른 사람이되는 상상을한다" - 쿠사나기 모토코 (1995)

  • my friend showed me this dance site called steezy. if you're interested. different types of dances. also, learn some korean vocabulary. duolingo (phone app) has korean to teach lessons. hard to learn though. for singing, practice singing songs (highly recommend getting vocal lessons to get proper technique) to at least match pitch (bare minimum). also, you'll be modeling a lot if you become an idol so practice those poses!

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