Cube seems to be following Woollim’s strategy for soojin’s controversy

  • Lovelyz’s jisoo was accused of sexual assault among other things by a number of people ( most notably a school friend and a trainee) the case dragged out on the media for a long time just like soojins case and woollim sued them and won.

    This is their last statement on the case:

    “It has been confirmed, through various legal processes, that the rumors spreading on the Internet were not only false, but were used to harm an individual. After a long period of hardship and pain, the case regarding the spreading of false information and the defendants’ malign actions has finally come to an end. From now on, we plan to act much more strictly and strongly towards malicious actions happening both online and offline towards our artists.”

    The main differences I see:

    1- involvement of a public figure in soojins case.

    2- soojin is decently popular while jisoo was a nugu.

    At the end Jisoo resumed her activities with lovelyz..

    What do you think?

    Your average ggs enthusiast...

  • In the case of Jisoo eeverything was proven fake, the alleged victim claimed to be a female involved in a sexual relationship with Jisoo, but it ended up being 1 or 2 males who were purposely trying to sabotage her career before it even started, she was called the face of the group before they debuted, maybe reason this guy try to ruin her career. It even sent Jisoo to the hospital for mental anguish.

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