allkpoppies roasting mina

  • they funny lmaooo

    user kdramaaddict22

    I doubt they’re going to let them speak up knowing Mina will probably put her life on the life like she did last time. That was extremely manipulative in my opinion but yeah, that’s just me I guess. I’m really starting to pity the other girls in the group (excluding jimin)
    user bybybyly

    oh, and that Jimin brought her boyfriend in the dorm(Mina was so she was jelous that she had no boyfriend)

    user kdramaaddict22

    In her recent IG live, the worse thing she can remember that Seolhyun did was that she brought her dog to the dorm and the dog shat himself. She said she wanted an apology from Seolhyun for that. That made me chuckle because I’m like girl... really? You have a dog too.

    user Doodles user

    "The worst thing she can remember that Seolhyun did was that she brought

    her dog to the dorm and the dog shat himself. She said she wanted an


    Lmao, she is a joke...

    user lacreme

    She has become an attention whore. I sympathize with her but she has become annoying. Enough of your constant drama on social media

    user Orange_duck

    She's really need to stop, if she needs Shin Jimin to be punished why don't she report to the police when her fans already called the police for her? what else of punishment does she really want for Jimin? She really want to push Jimin to suicide as a punishment?

    user lascie

    Mina really made it sounds like it was about AOA being falsely accused by herself 😂

    user bybybyly

    She's a scary woman. Jealous, enviius, frustrated. I'd no feel secure with her around

    user bybybyly

    I don't care what she says. She tried to destroy others' career and she even destroyed just using her talent in writing stories.

    user k_popfans

    she need to be thrown into the mental hospital.

    user kdramaaddict22

    Is she confessing about something...??? 😂😂

    user yati4

    It seems to me that the people suffering are the members who are collateral damage to jimin and mina's argument. Mina's cousin is a lawyer, she also brag about knowing many lawyers. File a lawsuit already if you keep claiming you're the "victim" and you have lots of "evidence". The only thing she did was blackmail them with her life thru self-harm but still no evidence and it is almost one year

    user miilkt

    It seems like Mina isn’t even interested in legal action, she just wants society to cancel this person.

    user fapperguy

    This is an admission that she made the whole thing up. She enjoyed watching that happen to someone the movie, just like she enjoyed watching it happen to Jimin.

    user greenisuch

    Who give her an internet connection?!? She'd better read books or manga or whatever but not an internet connection.

    user beatrizi

    And she pushes and pushes and pushes so people will always walk on ice next to her whenever in doubt and never forget. People are starting to get out of that bumping bus...

    okay that's all guys.

    from my POV, I used to be on Mina's side by im just staying neutral since shes trying to make money off this and many other factors. I mean, I know the bullying was real but Mina legit needs to go to a mental hospital

    also anyone else realize this has been going on for 8 months??? like wtf. do scandals last this long or??

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