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    [disclaimer] this is a spin-off, fanfic. And I’ve never written one before, so... sorry?

    Lee jieun walks through the office building doors. She scans her employee badge at the security gate and greets the desk and the ground floor security guard. As she waits for the elevator, she gets a call from a manager.

    “You have a meeting in about a half hour, do you have the materials for the PPT (presentation)?” the manager says through the phone.

    “Yes, of course.” Jieun is quite confident in her PPT skills for this meeting. “I have the USB and I also sent a back-up to your email. Could you check that out for me?”

    The elevator doors open. Jieun and few other colleagues get onto the lift. While she’s talking on the phone, she spots something shining on the floor. After finishing the conversation with her manager, Jieun picks up the shining object.

    “Huh, its just a giant coin.” She flips it around and weighs it in her hand. “I wonder what it is.”

    Fast forward a good amount of time, and it turns out that Lee jidong had dropped the coin accidentally. Jieun finds this out during her PPT, when a colleague asked her what scenes she wanted in her MV.

    “You have a song titled ‘Coin’, do you have something in mind for it’s movie?”

    Jieun pulls out the giant gold coin. “I want to use this. I found it in the elevator not long ago, I think someone had dropped it.”

    The overseeing manager stands up to look closer at the coin. “Aren’t these the coins that Lee Jidong is preparing for lilac?” The manager looks up at the fellow employees in the room for validation. A group of them say that they are the exact coins that they were prototyping for the Coin movie. The manager hands the gold coin back to Jieun. “If you like these you can use them in your movie. I’m pretty sure Jidong would be happy that you picked one up.”

    Jieun smiles and flips the coin again. It lands face up on the back of her hand. She finds this as good luck. “Alright then, we’re going to use Lee Jidong’s coins for the movie. I definitely think this matches with the path I wanted to take for lilac.” Jieun holds the coin up to the light. It shines brightly. “Let’s go.”

    "무중력으로 다시 수면으로 떠오를 때, 나는 다른 사람이되는 상상을한다" - 쿠사나기 모토코 (1995)

  • Just get on board with a good supplyier and give them your counts as soon as submittals are approved. That way they can order and store materials. Also have the materials shipped to your office for final counts which will save you a bunch of grief in the long run. Getting ahead of the job is all in how you attack the issue. You can try to do it all yourself or you can create a team to help you.

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