[NB] Seo Shin Ae confirms in official statement that Soojin bullied her for two years

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    Article: Seo Shin Ae "Soojin was a bully... she wore at me and made personal attacks for 2 years"

    Source: Chosun via Naver

    1. [+4,173, -25] Kick her out~

    2. [+3,564, -24] Thank you for feeling brave enough to say this, I'm sure you've gone through a lot of emotional suffering ㅠㅠ school bullies must be punished!!!!

    3. [+1,645, -7] She tried to claim that she never once had a conversation with Seo Shin Ae but it looks like she inflicted mental attacks on her.. The people I hate the most in the world are the ones who are so shameless about the wrongs they commit.

    4. [+1,584, -18] No more school bullies on TV. What will our kids learn?

    5. [+793, -15] This, well... can't be covered up ㅠㅠ Some of her fans are saying that it has nothing to do with her because she didn't directly inflict the violence but you're just as bad for being part of such a group and snickering with them.

    6. [+486, -7] "How did she become a celebrity when she's not even that pretty" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but Soojin-ah, what about your face?

    7. [+423, -5] The fact that she demanded Seo Shin Ae to put out a statement at all feels really violent...

    8. [+306, -1] Cube's legal team needs to issue an apology to Seo Shin Ae. This is complete proof that they don't know what they're doing. It's pathetic that Cube hired you guys at all.


    Article: Soojin demanded a statement from Seo Shin Ae only to be met with a counter attack

    Source: MBN via Naver

    1. [+4,590, -21] I want to ask one thing to Soojin's agency Cube Entertainment: you said you sued all of the posts by the victims, right? Then will you be suing Seo Shin Ae's post today as well? Or will you be taking other actions? Because if you don't sue Seo Shin Ae as well, you will be showing that you are harder on the weak and lighter with the strong. I wonder what their official statement will be.

    2. [+2,780, -19] It's obvious Soojin thought light of Seo Shin Ae because she's been quiet all this time but look at how the tables have turned..

    3. [+1,957, -29] It's fine to make mistakes and commit wrongs when you're young but if you fail to recognize and admit to that as an adult now, that makes your mistakes a complete wrong worthy of criticism and exile from the industry.

    4. [+1,511, -23] I'm proud of our Shin Ae, find strength, fighting

    5. [+1,264, -9] Soojin went hard for no reason ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    Source: Naver

    1. [+3,623, -10] Wow... to think she was shameless enough to demand a statement from Seo Shin Ae... did she think she was still too scared to say anything? Or maybe she was hoping that she'd say "nothing happened between them" since her career's over anyway?

    2. [+1,727, -16] I went to Seo Shin Ae's YouTube channel and Soojin's fans are leaving all sorts of hate... I hope the actress finds strength...

    3. [+1,490, -9] I don't think Soojin expected her to come out with the details... Well, I hope Soojin realizes that her face has no business being a celebrity, just like what she said to Seo Shin Ae.

    4. [+498, -15] None of this would've happened if Soojin had just apologized...

    5. [+406, -2] Soojin made herself the assailant when she demanded Seo Shin Ae to put out a statement. It wasn't even a request, it was a demand. Soojin and her agency and her fandom are all the same. Cube is playing this so dirty.

  • That phrase about not being pretty seems to be the one that everyone will be talking about...

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  • Interestingly, this idol scandal is interested by ajumma and ajussi. Most commenters are in 30's-40's age range with 42-49% male and 51-58% female.

  • Oof this is not looking good. Soojin is all over Naver News. When a fellow actress is calling you a liar and bully, yeah I don’t know how cube is gonna get out of this one. This is about to get messy =\

  • I don't know who or what to believe.

    It looks like both parties are standing their ground, so now, it comes down to just he said/she said. There is no evidence of something that happened almost 10 years ago.

    I don't know if Cube is going to ask her to leave or if Soojin will leave. I feel like if they were it would have happened by now, but I'm interested to see the final resolution to this.

  • The thing I don't get with Seo Shin Ae's statement is that she said Soojin was basically insulting her for 2 years with her group of friends. But I thought that it had already come out that Soojin distanced herself from her trouble making friends in 8th grade and only hung out with 1 or 2 people from then on and was being a nicer person. Those reports of Soojin being better are around the same time as Seo Shin Ae joining the school so it doesn't make sense that Soojin would be making personal attacks on Seo Shin Ae when she was image cleaning. I reserve a bit of sceptism for Shin ae's statement so for now I'll stay neutral because idk what to believe anymore. It's sad thought that people completely take Shin ae's words as the perfect truth and ignore things that came out before. I'm just confused with everything rn.

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