Tell me about your ult biases!!

  • Seventeen's Dokyeom9142c6036053a20e7a9180bf644c55fc.jpgProbably one of the best singers in the kpop industry right now. Extremely talented and always working to improve himself. Still he has a lot of insecurities about himself.


    I have never seen someone as purehearted as him. He's probably the nicest and sweetest person you'll see. So much that everyone worries that he'll get scammed...He's also effortlessly funny, not caring about himself to make others laugh...which is why a lot of people just think of him as a clown or an idiot, which breaks my heart..(he knows it too)

  • Taemin, because he's so versatile as an artist. Whatever he does, he does a great job, surprises us and progresses as an artist. I love Taemin's dual personality, one side is very romantic and gentle, on the other side him especially his stage personality is very powerful and mesmerizing.

    The first time I listened to Taemin, I liked his voice directly. he has a dramatic and uniqie vocal tone. I thought his voice had personality, on the first listen. And I think the voices of all SHINee members are emotional, powerful and unique.


    Also I love Joy, because she has very strong, honest an warm personality. I love Joy's voice color. Ever since I listened to her for the first time, her voice has giving me joy and emotion and her voice is very relaxing.ErxwOWIVgAYfgRG.jpg

  • Jinyoung (GOT7)


    (center in dark green suit)

    Tbh, I discovered him from his kdrama 'He Is Psychometric' before stanning and getting to know more about the group. Didn't find him attractive in it initially but decided to give the show a go again and I've never looked back. His acting skills was what caught my attention, he portrayed his fun-loving and humorous character impressively, not to mention the serious scenes as well. You'd never imagine such a serious looking guy could pull off such a character if you didn't know him better. From there I checked out the group and absolutely fell for his unique voice(he's very good at falsettos, has a honey voice with a magnetic/airy element to it), dead-pan looks, savage humor and of course his elegant handsome-ness 😁 And then from there GOT7 became my ult group, too, cuz they captured my heart with their amazing vocals, songs, visuals(the whole group looks so good), down-to-earth character and great humour. They're well worth stanning for.

  • Nayeon - She just has an aura to her...I find her confidence and her borderline playful narcisistic personality very sexy. She is so different from how an "idol" she behave. She is funny, loud, weird, and does extremely questionable things but I love it.

    Jisoo - Everyone says she has a 4D personality and I didn't know what it was at first and after watching all the BP content there is, I realize it now. I still don't know how to explain what it about her personality that is so loveable but I think she has one of the best personalities in the industry. She is very comedic. A lot of idols do funny things but Jisoo is actually funny, like I think she can be a stand up comedian and it is very evident in her solo live streams, she's just very witty with her words though I do question how much of that is on the translator's part lol

    Jennie - I didn't like her at first because she has a resting bitch face and just seemed like a mean person. You also usually hear the bad things about people you don't know about and I heard about her being lazy but I liked the rest of BP at the time. It's impossible to watch BP without watching Jennie and I found out she is super sweet from vlives and the fan interaction videos really shows how big of a heart she has. I also find her to be really "real" with everything. She has one of those personality that won't sugar coat things and says whats on her mind. I really adore and respect her.

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  • I have two ultimate biases, Baekhyun and Han Jisung. EXO and Stray Kids are my top two favorite groups so I guess that's quite fitting lol. I got into both groups because of different members (they're still my biases though) but Baekhyun and Jisung ended up my favorites in the respective groups

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