SEUNGRI <-- *CLUE(LESS)* = S.K Military Court *BLISS* ; 2021.03.25

  • SEUNGRI = *CLUE(LESS)* or NOT (???) ; Article = 2021.03.26

    *Corrections* Message on Article Translation from KR to EN Language

    that is Referenced this Thread (below) , posted from VIPiggy


    Observations intended in a mostly humorous manner:

    I am reminded of the CLUE(LESS) Board Game (Hasbro) -->

    "It was *Creepy but CLUE(LESS)* 'Great Gatsby' SEUNGRI ...

    In the Private 'Boozing and Pawing with Female Table Dancers' Room ...

    With the Club Bouncers or GANGSTERS (CCTV Video) ??? ...

    And (BlackPink group) now ex-CEO YGe Agency YANG HYUN SUK ...

    And *Wealthy Investor / Old Fan Groupie* MADAM LIN of TAIWAN ...

    All dancing to 'Fantastic Baby' song (Big Bang 5) ...

    Spun Up for All by DJ HYO (HYOYEON = SNSD Group) ...

    And exposed by (Big Bang group = T.O.P ex-GF) HAN SEO HEE ... "

    Stay Tuned ??? ... ;-)

    P.S ... It was NOT say COLONEL (Big Bang) G-DraGOON MUSTARD ...

    With the (BlackPink JENNIE Bondage) ROPE in the CONSERVATORY ...

    (Doing What ... I have NO IDEA ... CLUE(LESS) here !!!) ... :rolleyes1:


    CLUE(do) Board Game ; Info

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  • Your translation is wrong in several places (even if you just use auto translation from google - it's still wrong and I'll show you how wrong it is below. Also these are just some of the very glaring false translating by you - there is more that I'm not quoting).

    Big Bang Member SEUNGRI (Lee Seung-hyun, 31), the claim is that he is actually involved in the operation of the Lounge Bar MONKEY MUSEUM (Night Club). Which operated (using) his name (for promotion purposes).

    wtf are you even translating - this part of the article you've quoted is google translated as below (btw I'm not making any adjustments here - this is a direct copy/paste from google translate - so how did you twist the translation into the complete opposite of what is actually written):

    Another claim was that the former member of BIGBANG (real name Seung-Hyun Lee, 31) had virtually no involvement in the operation of the Monkey Museum, a lounge bar operated under his own name.


    SEUNGRI operated the MONKEY MUSEUM (Night Club) in 2016, which was served as a joint representative of the YURI HOLDINGS Firm, along with YOO IN SUK. Although the Lounge Bar of SEUNGRI was known, the representative of the MONKEY MUSEUM (Night Club) was in the future. And the two of which were the representative of Gangnam located 'Burning Sun Club' , and Mr. A worked as an employee.

    this is wrong again - this part of the article you've quoted is google translated as below:

    Seungri opened and operated the Monkey Museum in 2016, when he served as the co-representative of Yuri Holdings with Yoo In-seok. It was known as Seungri's Lounge, but in fact, the representative of Monkey Museum was Lee Moon-ho, who later served as the representative of Gangnam Club'Burning Sun', and Mr. A worked as an employee.


    The SEUNGRI lawyer said, "I am not sure that I will be able to borrow a lease deposit from YURI HOLDINGS Firm."

    Created via very *raw* GOOGLE Translate (KR to EN), where:

    this part of the article you've quoted is google translated as below - I'm literally copy/pasting here (you've completely made up a false statement by seungri's lawyer):

    Regarding this, Seungri's lawyer explained, "It was taken from Yuri Holdings's CEO to lend a rental deposit to Mr. A," and explained that the money was not taken away.

    this is a proper translation of the article:

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