KPop's 4th Gen not impressing the world is what led to the general decline of KPop

  • There are talks about whether Biden is fit to run for reelection, since his old age and decline cannot be hidden any more.

    At least he was friendly to KPop, and since I don't really care about the world other than KPop, he was a good one.

    There has been no talks about whether a certain domesticist is fit to be included in KPop, despite of her virtual lack of contribution to KPop for most of her career.

    Yet, in one of the greatest absurdities of KPop of all time, that domesticist is now coming to USA to conclude her world tour, an oxymoron for a domesticist.

    The domesticist, whose name I wojn't mention here but most of you would probably have guessed by looking at my name, was ranked #3 among the global KPop star ranking held in 2021, after BTS and BlackPink!

    And further years only improved the picture a bit, in 2022 and 2023 at #5 ,

    topped by NO 4th GEN ACTS!

    2023 Global KPop Star ranking

    1 BTS

    2 BP

    3 Psy

    4 Jungkook, incl in 1

    5 (undisclosed)

    The 4th Generation is not only unable to overcome BTS and BP,

    but it cannot overcome (undisclosed), whose 'world tour' is the 2nd largest of all acts from Korea this year!

    BTS and BP reached such unimaginable heights, so that could be understandable,

    but they are not even reaching to the level of (undisclosed), which shows how they are falling short.

    It is 2021 when the 4th Gen started in earnest and there should be more acts who are doing larger tours than (undisclosed), but instead of beating the (undisclosed), who was in the industry before some oe the people now debuting were BORN, they are being pushed over by (undisclosed), who topped the list of favorite singers among the 13-18 population of Korea.

    I have been despairing about this for quite a while, and the slow advance of the 4th Gen, incl aespa even after the superhit 'supernova', is quite concerning.

    They should have made (undisclosed) retire from competition since (undisclosed) is so behind the times, but they are not winning against (undisclosed), who was only defeated by a song of her ex-lover, who is even older than her.

    I think before the 4th Gen could compete with BTS and BP they should instead aim for taking (undisclosed) out of the game, since if they cannot even remove someone who debuted when they were babies, how can they compete with those who rule the world?

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