Why are Jennie/Hwasa always the "other" girls/the competition?(Long ass rant)

  • I'm sure there are plenty of female idols I've missed out on. It's just that I've seen it so often with these two. I'd like to hear your thoughts on them and the other idols as well.

    They get hated on in relation to bg idols if the guys show an inkling of interest. Whereas with gg idols or "y/n" they are the much hated competition to the chaste "good" idol who doesn't know how gorgeous she is and isn't that into boys or style like other girls. Sounds familiar? *Wink wink*

    Ofc another end of the spectrum also exists where being nice to men and not a man hater is seen as uncool and desperate for validation in this climate. You just can't win in society. I really hope the future generation and media leaves juvenile shit like man hating/woman hating or slutshaming to rot. Even the boomers must've been tired of eating and vomiting the "woman bad/man bad now laugh" format.

  • I think young girls just cannot relate to having confidence in the first place, so they villainize these women who seemingly have everything that they do not. That doesn't make it right, but its just a thought I had ig

  • I don't even understand what you are trying to say.....

    (Maybe substitute violence with stealing your girlfriend/boyfriend in this scenario but in the end they turn out to be respectful and sweet whilst still being strong)

    What Jennie/Hwasa/any woman with a mind of her own are potrayed as in media/fanfics:


    What they are actually like irl:


    Ok this was a bad joke but I basically dont want people to feel pressurised to compartmentalise themselves or the women they see into good or bad. No matter how perfect someone is people will whine that something is lacking or they are being too much.

    Media like music, movies, shows or whatever often portray characters, especially women, as either white/black or good/ bad. Like they are 2 dimensional secondary charecters not living breathing human beings.

    People sadly feel pressurised to live upto these standards or project them onto other people in this case the women that seem to resemble the "good girl" or the " other bad girl" in a negative way. So what I wanna say is people can be both, neither we nor celebrities gotta get boxed in to behave like 2D charecters.

  • But this is basically all females ever

    They are either way too modest, shy, quiet, cute or way too confident in themselves, loud, proud, outspoken

    There is no in between, or it feels like that as a female

    They tell you to do something and you do it but they say 'not like that' although they didn't tell you how to do it, they just said do it

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