Did you see Blackpink: The Movie (2021) in person or online?

  • Did you see Blackpink: The Movie (2021) in person or online? 4

    1. Online (2) 50%
    2. I didn't watch it at all (2) 50%
    3. In person (0) 0%

    I wanted to see it in person, but I didn't because of the worldwide health concern :eyes:

    Otherwise, I would've watched it. It was only in theaters.

    ~~ :red-heart: QUEEN SUNMI :red-heart: ~~

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  • a little bit of my opinion?? and a bit of spoiling ig 😭

    i watched the movie in my local theatre (it was 4d too 😗, which made the whole experience v v fun) however it was like 50% the show, like im not complaining or anything bc i still enjoyed it a lot :)) tho it was a literally cash grab 💀

    the part that made me almost tear up was when lisa cried, like i can't be seen in theatres w a tissue wiping my eyes like no no that won't do

    im really looking forward to whatever project the girls are working on 💗 bc i can sense that they're planning something big ! :D

  • I watched it on Netflix when it came out I remember I was in a Zoom class which I had on mute and was watching BP on my other browser lol.

    🍒 Chee~eer~ish 🍒


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