Illit will win a Grand Prize and an appearance at Palette

  • It is unlikely that the NJ members will pull a Fifty Fifty since Hybe is better protected against such contingency.

    However, since all of its staff were Min Heejin's people, it is extremely unlikely that it will continue the current direction, and 250 and other composers, all of them acquaintances of Min Heejin, are unlikely to work with them.

    Ironically, the composer of Cupid did supply a song for TWS, but since it is Pledis, it is unlikely that Han Sungsoo will allow that composer to give a song to NJ. With the success of Plot Twist which leads to a comeback in June, it is likely that the composer is writing another song for TWS.

    Although NJ will be left in Hybe since there seems to be no sign of the members leaving, it is unlikely that it will have priority in Hybe's pecking order.

    I was going to write a piece about BTS vs everyone else in Hybe, but it would have become moot. When I feel like writing it it will be BTS vs Pledis, since Min Heejin, however this matter is settled, won't be a factor when BTS returns and Han Sungsoo will be RM's greatest foe.

    It is likely that Illit's value in Hybe would be completely changed. Wonhee is a direct pick by Hybe, and to erase the memory of Min Heein, Illit will be given better songs, minimizing the lines of the Japanese and inviting back a vocal member from R U Next if necessary. I think Yunah should be cut, since the departure of Yongseo robs any reason for Yunah to be there, but I don't think they will do it.

    Suddenly the expectation on Illit has increased, and a YG trainee has taken the dominant position in Hybe's girl group divisions.

    It is likely that the success of Magnetic will be followed by another hit, and it is likely that Hybe will promote Illit, instead of New Jeans, as the Grand Prize material, since Seventeen is likely to win the Album of the Year award again and it will be better for Bang to promote Illit for the Grand Prize than TWS since otherwise too much power is given to Han Sungsoo, who did run his own company before.

    If there is a heavenly destiny, it seems Illit has gotten it. It will probably win a Grand Prize, and since both NJ and Le Sserafim had appeared in IU's concert, to solidify Illit's position it will probably appear on Palette (with only Korean members singing, of course) or IU's concert to cement their positions, since IU would not be in any position to refuse (and Wonhee will cover songs from IU to set up the conditions).

    Who would have thought that an afterthought of NJ and LS would become the successor to their tradition. Such is KPop.

  • The problem with Hybe is that they don't have regular artists, at first it was LSF who had the peak of popularity, but now they are mired in a sea of hate and criticism, then it's NewJeans, but suddenly their future is in question because of the whole situation, now this is illit, which in the future will also get bogged down in a wave of hate and criticism, then they will create +10 more groups to replace the past ones.

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