Why do people like bad boys?

  • This thread is pretty much me rambling about the topic.

    Well... some "nice guys" often say "girls only want to date bad guys" (something that I don't think is always true.)

    Reminds me of that there was this girl, who once said that she prefers bad guys because good guys are too "boring".

    Well... when thinking about one kdrama character, who is a good guy (or actually sweet and kind), I can only think of Kang Tae Oh's character from Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Well... I think of him as my ideal type and not boring at all.

    But I do agree that bad guys can be interesting.

    Like I found the villain from Strong Girl Namsoon hot. (I haven't watched the kdrama, but it seems like a lot of people also think he's hot)

    Even though I guess IRL, I would perhaps be scared of him. (at least if I knew what kind of guy he was)

    I have sometimes written fanfics and stuff that have bad boys in them. (But I mostly write ones that have the guy be sweet and kind.)

    Seems like most of my bad boy fanfics have the guy being dressed in maybe a leather jacket, dark clothes or something and then also is being a flirt.

    And I sometimes like pictures of Seonghwa that make him look like a bad boy.


    Well... these pictures are giving me Danny Zuko vibes.

    And yup, Danny from Grease is considered a bad boy, I think. (I don't think that I would want to date Danny though)

    There are times when kpop boys try to seem like bad boys in music videos and stuff.

    Even though they also are trying to seem like "imaginary boyfriends", who will be sweet and kind to you.

    Seonghwa seems to be sweet and kind, but he sometimes also flirts with fans.

    It reminds me a bit of when I was younger and there were guys who flirted with me, but they didn't actually feel any romantic feelings for me.

    I feel like most people might prefer fictional bad boys and wouldn't actually want to date a bad boy. (or at least an abusive guy, who treats you like trash)

    I'm the same way, like I might think some fictional bad boys are hot or like it when a kpop boy is acting like a bad boy, but I would rather date someone who is sweet and kind to me. Someone like Junho from Extraordinary Attorney Woo :red-heart: .

  • To be honest, I haven't the faintest clue. It seems like a weird teenager thing, because I can't imagine anyone with bills, a job, and responsibilities to want a man that can't even act right.

    Like you said, it's nice in theory, but in reality...

  • People want what they can’t have and also the whole I can fix him idea. They think they are special and that they will be able to change him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    But yeah confidence is a very attractive trait to many too

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